5 ways to beat pregnancy tiredness at work

Snoozing at your desk is not going to make you popular with the boss, so check out these foolproof ways to stay awake when you're pregnant and tired in the office

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  • There's no doubting that being pregnant really takes it out of you from day one. Especially if you're still at work. Avoid dozing off mid-instruction from your boss by building one or more of these easy tiredness beaters into your daily routine. Read more on your maternity rights

  • Skip the sweet stuff

    Try and be strong when you take a trip to the canteen. Sugary snacks will give you a quick energy boost, it’s true. But it’s a short-lived boost. You’ll feel even more tired than before once your blood sugar drops. Instead try to combine complex carbs with protein in your snacks – a wheat germ cracker with a piece of cheese for example, or yoghurt with some fruit – to make sure you stay awake at your desk. Is your diet good enough for your pregnancy?

  • Take a lunchtime stroll

    With most offices using energy-sapping re-circulated air conditioning nowadays it will do you good to get some proper oxygen. And increasing your blood flow with a bit of a walk is an instant way to raise your energy levels, not to mention boosting your intake of vital vitamin D. Try a stroll around the block for 20 minutes of your hour’s break. How to exercise safely during pregnancy

  • Plug in your iPod

    If your boss will allow it, a blast of up-tempo tunes at your desk is a quick-fix way to stifle those yawns. Pop in your headphones if you’re afraid of disturbing others and if you really can’t do it at your desk, have a quick listen when you pop to the loo as your pregnancy will be making you take extra toilet breaks anyway.

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  • Make a splash

    A touch of cold water on your face is an instant pick-you-up. Just think how alive you feel when you jump in the hotel pool for the first time on your hols! If you’re worried about wrecking your work make-up trying running cold water over your wrists for as long as you can stand for the same energy-boosting effect. 5 more easy ways to boost pregnancy energy

  • Simply stop and breathe

    Considering it’s something we do automatically and all the time, most of us don’t really breathe properly. Taking in extra oxygen plays in important part in keeping you awake, so if you’re feeling pooped, try this simple exercise. Just stop and focus on breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly for a couple of minutes. It will give you an instant uplift. Read more on why pregnancy yoga is so good for you

Last updated on 8 May 2012