8 weeks pregnant in pictures

You are in your 8th week of pregnancy so find out what your body is doing…

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  • How big is your baby

    This is a rapid growth period and your baby has grown to 1.5-2cm, the size of a baked bean.

    Now find out how your baby is growing…

  • How is your baby growing?

    Over this week your baby’s hands and feet begin to look more human as they lose their webbed-like structure. Fingers and toes are almost completely formed and there are little touch pads on the fingertips. What's more, your baby now has elbows!

    There’s already lots of movement going on too, with kicking feet and moving arms. Ears are more recognisable and the gender of your baby, already established at the time of conception, will now begin to make its mark as the sex organs begin to form, testes first for the boys and ovaries are developing for the girls.

    Now find out what’s happening to your body…

  • What’s happening to your body?

    Many of you will experience bleeding in the first trimester – it’s very common but this doesn’t make it any less frightening. In many cases bleeding during early pregnancy is nothing to worry about and passes without incident. However, unfortunately, up to 40% of pregnancies don’t progress through to the second trimester, and often the first sign is bleeding, so always talk to your doctor or midwife if it happens. If you do miscarry, it’s important to be able to share your grief and upset with family, friends and others who have miscarried.

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