Week 18 pregnancy symptoms

Find out what pregnancy symptoms to expect in your 18th week of pregnancy

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  • Your pregnant body

    Phew – you may have noticed you’re not having to go to the loo quite so often. This is because your uterus moves up further into your abdomen as your baby grows, so there’s less pressure on your bladder.

    You may find you’re more vulnerable to getting colds and coughs while you’re pregnant, which is bad timing as you need to be careful about taking any medicines. Check out our list of what to do when you’re feeling poorly and which medicines are safe to take.

    However small your bump, you’re likely to be looking a little pregnant, which means you’ll get lots of attention – albeit most of it aimed at your tum. Prepare yourself for the fact that lots of people will want to touch your bump, even perfect strangers.

    You will most likely need to go bra shopping, as your breasts can increase by a couple of bra sizes, as they get ready to produce milk.

    You may also develop stretch marks and rashes where you skin is stretched and while it is ok to use creams and oils, make sure that they are suitable for use during pregnancy. They should help with the dryness and itching but they don’t guarantee that the marks disappear after pregnancy.

    Now find out what you should be doing this week…

  • What should you be doing this week?

    Pay attention to your posture as you can be prone to back problems because your ligaments are stretching and joints slightly separating. Avoid unnecessary bending and lifting. If you already have a toddler, try to encourage them to be a bit more independent instead of relying on you lifting and carrying them everywhere.

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