Week 19 pregnancy symptoms

See what pregnancy symptoms you can expect this week

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  • Your pregnant body

    You may find you have desperate cravings for certain foods, such as fizzy drinks, salty things, chocolate, even hot spicy dishes. This is perfectly normal and as long as your cravings aren’t unhealthy and you’re eating a well-balanced diet there’s no reason not to give into your desires.

    However, a small number of mums-to-be find themselves craving non-food products, such as petrol fumes, coal, ice, chalk or even toothpaste. This is called pica and although lots of theories have been bandied around, nothing seems to provide the definitive answer as to why it happens.

    If you find yourself craving something unhealthy talk to your midwife or doctor.

    On the whole, this a good time in your pregnancy, as the sickness and lack of energy has hopefully subsided, yet you’re not at your biggest, so now is a good time to enjoy your social life!

    Now find out what you should do this week…

  • What you should do this week

    You do need to think about how work could affect your pregnancy. If you ‘re finding your day’s work tricky to cope with (perhaps you’re standing most of the day, or you work in a hot, stuffy environment, talk to your employer about how you might be able to make your working day more palatable.

    It’s also time to talk to your midwife about signing up for antenatal classes at your local hospital or birthing unit. The classes will give you a chance to meet other local mums-to-be due around the same time as you. You may also get a tour of the unit, so you can see what the labour ward looks like.

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