Week 20 pregnancy symptoms

Find out what symptoms you can expect in the 20th week of your pregnancy

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  • Your pregnant body

    Your growing baby is starting to feel much more real and this will be reinforced when you go for your 20 week scan. While it’s fantastic to be able to see your baby on a screen, read up so you know what the sonographer is looking for.

    Some hospitals will reveal the sex of your baby if you wish to know it, although others have a policy of not saying. Talk to your partner before your scan and make sure you’re both agreed as to whether you want to find out or not. It will be almost impossible for one partner to know and try to keep it secret for the remaining 20 weeks.

    You may feel you’re becoming more forgetful as your pregnancy develops, but, er… um, sorry forgot what we were going to say. Oh yes, actually research shows that there’s no evidence that the brains of mums-to-be do go to mush – any forgetfulness is probably due instead to the amount of info racing around in your brain.

    Beware of nose bleeds at this stage as well, so be prepared with a hanky. You may also notice darker areas of skin on your face but don’t worry as these usually fade after your baby is born and many women don’t experience these at all.

    Now find out what you should be doing this week…

  • What should you be doing this week?

    If you’re not doing this already, start slathering your bump in moisturising cream. This will help in your battle against stretch marks and can even be a bump-bonding experience. For extra sauce, why not get your partner to gently rub in the cream?

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