This prenatal floor exercise called the 'clam' was designed by Pushy Mothers, the Buggy Workout creators, for our sister publication Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine.


'Clam' - a floor exercise

What it does: Nature is making your pelvis loose in preparation for the delivery, which may cause pelvic pain and discomfort. This helps to stabilise the area.

Get set: Lie on your side, with your knees bent to a 45° angle and heels together. Your top arm should be extended under your head, resting on the floor in front and your other arm resting on your body, with your spine in neutral (see below).

Action: Breathe IN to prepare, and as you breathe OUT, pull your tummy in lightly, hugging your baby bump towards your spine, lifting your top knee and keeping your feet together. Rotate only in the hip socket. Don’t allow your pelvis to rock backwards. Breathe IN to lower with control. Repeat until you feel the side of your buttock aching, then repeat on the other side.


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  • Lift only as far as you can, and don’t allow your hips to rock and roll.
  • Small movement results in a big feeling. Remember, less is more!
  • Make movement as smooth as possible.
  • Keep bottom cheeks soft – don’t ‘grip’.
  • Keep your feet together throughout.

What does ‘neutral spine’ mean?

‘Neutral Spine’ (referred to in the exercise) means the natural alignment of the spine – that’s the inward curve of the lower back and neck, and the outward curve of the ribs. In this position, equal weight is distributed along the length of the spine, minimising stress to the body. Aim to adopt this position as often as possible throughout the day.