Week 34 pregnancy symptoms

See what symptoms you can expect for your 34th week of pregnancy

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  • Your pregnant body

    You may suffer from insomnia at this point. Even though you are incredibly tired, you may find it hard to sleep, or that you wake up numerous times during the night. You may have trouble sleeping because of physical discomfort caused by your bump or you can’t switch off mentally as you’re thinking about your new baby!

    Try and develop a winding down routine before bed, that doesn’t involve TV as that will over-stimulate your brain. Try a nice bath, with lavender oil to help you feel sleepy. Also try drinking a milky drink. Propping pillows under your bump may also make your feel more comfortable.

    Your bellybutton will also change during pregnancy! You may start with a concave shape, and then by mid-pregnancy it is likely to turn flat. In these latter stages of pregnancy however, your growing abdomen will push your bellybutton out giving you an ‘outie’! If you have a piercing on your navel, it would be more comfortable if you took it off during your pregnancy.

    Now find out what you should be doing this week…

  • What should you be doing this week?

    You can help prepare your perineum – the bit between your vagina and anus - for labour with perineal massage. Research has suggested that it can help reduce the chances of your perineum tearing during labour or the need for an episiotomy. You can start four to six weeks before your baby’s due.

    To massage your perineum, you should use a lubricant that’s not petroleum-based. K-Y jelly, wheatgerm oil or sweet almond oil are ideal, and there are some perineal massage oils available. To start massaging, you need to:

    1.    Wash your hands, and sit in a comfy position, with a towel under you

    2.    Rub the lubricant or oil onto your hands and perineum, then place your thumbs 2-4cm inside your vagina.

    3.    Gently press down and to the sides. When you feel a slight tingling sensation, hold for about 2 minutes.

    4.    Gently massage back and forth with your thumbs while still pressing, for another 3 or 4 minutes.

    5.    As you massage, with your thumbs still inside, gently pull outwards on the lower part of your vagina.

    Make sure you do the massage correctly, so you don’t go too near your urinary opening (you might give yourself a UTI). If you have an infection, herpes or thrush, it’s best to avoid perineal massage, as it can spread the infection.

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