Week 36 pregnancy symptoms

See what symptoms you can expect for the 36th week of your pregnancy

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  • Your pregnant body

    Over the last few weeks you’ll probably have noticed your Braxton Hicks contractions have become stronger. If the contractions become regular and painful then you may be in early labour, so call your doctor or midwife for advice. From here on in you’ll be seen by your doctor or midwife each week to check on progress.

    You may also find yourself needing the loo more often and experiencing stress incontinence, as your baby moves downwards and will be putting more pressure on your bladder. This change in weight distribution can also make your feel off balance which can make your clumsier than usual.

    Now find out what you should be doing this week…

  • What should you be doing this week?

    You may well find yourself suddenly possessed with a desire to clean the house from top to bottom. This is the nesting instinct kicking in, there’s no reason not to indulge yourself, but don’t overdo it. You’re nearly there now, baby is almost set to go and so, most likely, are you!

    Also remember to keep up with your pelvic floor exercises, as these will help combat stress incontinence and a weak bladder.

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