Week 5 pregnancy symptoms

See what symptoms you may get in week 5 of your pregnancy

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  • Your pregnant body

    It's time to make sure you're eating as healthily as possible. The best way is to have a well-rounded diet, making sure you include foods from each of these food types every day: fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, dairy products and protein.

    Also, don't worry too much if you drank some alcohol before you knew you were pregnant. So many of us have been there. The main thing is to keep up a healthy lifestyle going forwards, and Department of Health advice is now to avoid alcohol altogether during pregnancy. If you're really worried, though, talk to your GP. Don't fret on your own.

    Also be prepared for typical signs of early pregnancy, such as sensitive breasts, tiredness, light headedness and occasionally, a metallic taste in the mouth. Every woman will experience different symptoms, so don’t worry if you don’t have these symptoms.

    Now find out what you should be doing this week…

  • What should you be doing this week?

    Working out the due date is always an exciting prospect once you have confirmed that you are pregnant. Firstly figure out the date of the first day of your last period - this is known as your LMP. Take a calendar and count 40 weeks ahead of your LMP. This gives you your due date.

    Another way to do it is to take away three whole months from your LMP (ie 14 September becomes 14 June) and then add 7 days (14 June becomes 21 June). So an LMP of 14 September gives you a due date of 21 June. Remember only 5% of women give birth on their due date, so this is only a rough guide and not THE date you get to meet your baby.

    Joining an online birth club will help give you all the friendly support and advice that you will need throughout your pregnancy. We have some great ones on Made For Mums, so why not have a look and sign up? You can also check out our neighbourhood section to find any local birth clubs that you may also want to attend. 

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