You're 13 weeks pregnant

See how your baby is growing and developing in your tummy at 13 weeks pregnant, along with the different changes happening to your body...

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  • How big is your baby?

    At 13 weeks pregnant, your baby is now around 7.5cm long (about the size of a kiwi) and weighs 25-28g.

    Now see how your baby is growing…

  • How is your baby growing?

    His fingernails have continued to grow and his own unique fingerprints are starting to develop. Your baby's neck continues to get longer and his chin has now lifted up from his chest rather than resting on it.

    Your baby's mouth is well developed and he’s practising his sucking and swallowing reflexes. The first of your baby’s bone tissue, including the ribs, has appeared, and his kidneys are now releasing urine into his bladder.

    Your baby's sexual development continues apace, and if your baby is a little girl, then she will already have formed her ovaries.

    Now find out what is happening to your body…

  • What’s happening to your body?

    Congratulations! You’ve now reached the second trimester, and wait for this, it’s often referred to as the 'honeymoon' period of pregnancy. This is because many of the discomforts of early pregnancy fade, as the most crucial parts of your baby’s development are completed, and you feel a resurgence of energy and the sickness may be on the wane. Now is the time to really enjoy your pregnancy!

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