You're 17 weeks pregnant

You are into your 17th week of pregnancy, here’s how your baby is doing…

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  • How big is your baby?

    Your baby is now around 12.5cm from crown to rump (roughly the size of an avocado) and weighs around 170g.

    Now find out how your baby is growing…

  • How your baby is growing?

    He can now do lots with his hands, including putting them in his mouth. His eyes are still closed, but incredibly he now has eyelashes and eyebrows as well as more hair on his head.

    Your umbilical cord and placenta are continuing to develop and now your placenta and baby are now around the same size. His heart is fully active, pumping as much as 24 litres of blood a day.

    He still looks very thin, as he’s yet to build up his under-skin layers of fat, but he is now acquiring brown fat, which will help him to regulate his body heat once he’s born.

    Did you also know that your baby is occasionally hiccupping inside your womb. However, these hiccups are noiseless because there’s no air to make his vocal cords work.

    Now find out what’s happening to your body…

  • What’s happening to your body?

    Wow! Around now you may feel the first flutters of your baby's movements – many mums-to-be describe the feeling as like butterflies dancing in their tummy. If you haven’t felt this yet, don't worry, many mums, particularly first-timers, don't feel anything until after week 20. Don’t be surprised if your partner can’t yet feel them – it will take a little longer for the movements to be strong enough to be felt outside the womb.

    You may notice the appearance of varicose veins thanks to your pregnancy. These are swollen veins appearing just under the surface of the skin of your legs. Not everyone gets them, but if your mother did, you’re more likely to. Also the risk increases if you’re overweight or sit or stand for long periods. Make sure you avoid tights or socks with tight tops that can restrict blood flow in your legs.

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