You’re 28 weeks pregnant

You are in your final trimester at your 28th week of pregnancy! Here’s what your baby is doing…

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  • How big is your baby?

    Your baby is around 25cm long (about the size of an Italian breadstick) and approximately 1.1kg in weight. By now he’s about one-third of his estimated final birth weight.

    Now find out how your baby is growing…

  • How is your baby growing?

    His skin will now be completely covered by vernix, the white, protective greasy coating, which makes him look as though he’s been smothered in lard!

    Your baby’s lungs are continuing to develop and are capable of breathing air, but if he was born now, he’d find it difficult to breathe properly on his own. His eyes open for short periods, but it’s dark in the uterus and he won’t be able to see any of his surroundings, such as the umbilical cord. He’ll love touching his cord and will often squeeze and twist it – thankfully it can withstand a lot of handling!

    Now find out what’s happening to your body…

  • What’s happening to your body?

    From here on in, this could be when you and your bump going to get big. So prepare yourself as the extra weight will put a lot of strain on your body. You may find yourself experiencing a few third trimester ‘delights’, such as varicose veins and haemorrhoids. So relieve aches and pains as much as you can through exercise. Prenatal yoga, walking, swimming and stretching are all good and don’t forget the benefits of a nice, warm bath.

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