10 Christmas gifts for mums-to-be

Spoil your pregnant partner or friend (or drop some big hints!) this Christmas with these uniquely stylish (and useful) presents perfect for expectant mums

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  • M&S Shimmersoft Purple Dressing Gown

    Why we love it: This is seriously the best present you can buy a mum-to-be, in our humble opinions. Luxuriously soft, and available in sizes 8 - 22, she'll want to stay wrapped up in this all Christmas. Well, what better to watch the Queen's speech in than a rather regal purple gown?

    Long after the festive season, mum-to-be can wear this at hospital and the dark colour will hide any dubious stains once baby comes home. Oh, and it has 2 pockets too – perfect for when you're trying to do everything with one hand!

    What it costs: £25, from Marks & Spencer

  • For Fox Sake Mug

    Why we love it: Because we all need a funny novelty mug that says what we're really thinking, right? 😂

    What it costs: £7.14, from Amazon 

  • The Essentials Gift Hamper

    Why we love it: Make sure your gift doesn't sit in the bathroom gathering dust. This 'essentials' box has everything a mum-to-be really needs.

    Dry hands and lips and tired eyes will be a thing of the past. There's also dry shampoo for those days when washing hair just isn’t going to happen.

    What it costs: £22, from Don't Buy Her Flowers

  • Pretty Silver Mexican Bola Pendant

    Why we love it: This piece of jewellery that is also a musical baby-bonding instrument 😍

    The Mexican Bola Pendant comes complete with a long necklace, so it rests low over mummy's stomach and allows baby to hear the soft chiming of the ball.   

    What it costs: £39, from Blooming Lovely Jewellery

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  • Something Growing Maternity T-shirt

    Why we love it: We love this stylish T-shirt. Wear with maternity jeans for a casual look or just throw on to lounge around the house.

    What it costs: £18.45, from Etsy

  • Olverum Pampering Oil

    Why we love it: Perfect for pampering mum-to-be (or dad-to-be, too). This bath oil is made from pine, lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, juniper and rosemary, among other relaxing ingredients. And boy, is it luxurious!  

    This oil will transfer any bath time into a mini spa-like experience as you're immersed in wonderful alpine smells and silky soft water. Being an oil it can also be used as an after-bath moisturiser, to leave your skin feeling supple and soft.  

    While it's not cheap, you only need to use a small capful but believe us, you'll want more Olverum once it's finished. 

    What it costs: £26 for 125ml (25 baths), from Olverum

  • Chambers & Beau Personalised Message Bangle

    Why we love it: Hopefully you’ve nailed the art of dropping hints this Christmas so you can get your hands on this gorgeous silver personalised message bangle. 

    Add the names of your children, anniversary date or a cheeky message only you 2 will understand. You can also add a charm at the end of the bangle or in the middle for added luxe.

    What it costs: £55, from Chambers & Beau

  • Pregnancy Pillow

    Why we love it: A pregnancy pillow can be a pregnant woman's best friend, especially as she's nearing the end of her pregnancy or starts feeling a tad uncomfortable.

    (See 10 of the best award-winning pregnancy pillows here)

    So, if your partner, daughter or pal is struggling to rest or sleep with her growing bump in tow, why not find out if they'd like a comfy pillow as their gift?

    We're all for a treat here at MadeForMums, but sometimes, the best-loved presents we receive are the most practical ones 😉

    We've pictured here our MadeForMums Gold Award-winning pillow, the DreamGenii, but find out which might be best for your budget and the mum-to-be in your life here!

    What it costs: Prices range from £10 - £60

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  • Nude Rose Gold Olivia Burton Watch

    Why we love it: Since time seems to run away from us mums, it makes sense to get mum-to-be ahead of the game and start timekeeping in style.

    Olivia Burton's designs are classic, the rose gold highlights are bang on trend and bonus: the strap is vegan friendly! 

    What it costs: £82, from Olivia Burton

  • Babymoon

    You don't need an excuse to go on holiday, but having a break as a couple before your bundle of joy arrives is a good one.

    And with almost everyone (including Wills and Kate) going on a babymoon, it's no wonder hotels and spas across the country offer a range of deals on mum-to-be getaways.  

    What it costs: It varies! You can check out the best deals on Babymoon Guide, but it's worth noting they can get pricey!

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