10 Christmas gifts for science lovers

If your little one loves space exploration, explosions, chemistry sets and growing their own crystals or sea monkies, they're so much fun to buy for! Here are our Christmas gift suggestions for your little scientist…

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  • Argos National Geographic Night-Vision Goggles, £11.49

    What child doesn't want so see in the dark? These night-vision goggles will allow your child to explore the world on a whole new level. Suitable from 8 years.

    Available from Argos.

  • Great Gizmos Volcano Making Kit, £8.79

    How cool is this?! Make your own working volcano. The eruption can be watched over and over again and it's a fab way to get your tot interested in geography and the natural world. Suitable from 8 years.

    Available form Amazon

  • Science Museum Electricity Experiment Set, £30

    Your child can build over 90 different circuits with this colourful kit that teaches your child all about how electricity works through play. Suitable from 8 years.

    Available from Science Museum Shop

  • Light Scientist Discovery Set, £6

    This stackable light and colour periscope will give your child an extra few inches to see over things (and round corners!). It’s a great excuse for a family adventure. Suitable from 3 years.

    Available from Mothercare.

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  • Creepy Crawlers Creation Station, £19.99

    If your child's facinated by creepy crawlies, this set is perfect. She can create sticky bugs and insects, without giving you a heart attack when you come across them! Comes with two different bug moulds. Suitable from 8 years.

    Available from Sainsbury's.

  • Doctor Who Science Silurian Crystal Lab, £22.99

    Brilliant for Who fans (and everyone else!), this set allows your child to grow their own crystals and display them in a Silurian pod. Perfect for mini Doctors...Suitable from 10 years.

    Available from BBC Shop

  • Bright Minds Mini Solar Cars, £14.99

    These cute little cars will run forever without any batteries. Using renewable energy, they’re a great investment and will encourage your kid to be eco-friendly from an early age. Suitable from 5 years.

    Available from Bright Minds

  • Amazing Crystal Lagoon- Wild Science Instant Crystal Growing Kit, £14.99

    This set is fun for all the family and will keep your child entertained well beyond Christmas. It contains everything you need to grow your own colourful Crystal lagoons, including two tanks for different designs and safety goggles for a real scientist look. Suitable from 10 years with supervision.

     Available from Otherland Toys.

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  • National Geographic Star Planetarium, £24.99

    Create your own planetarium with this incredible projector. Turn out the lights and learn facts and ancient legends about the cosmos as the stars float across the ceiling. Suitable from 8 years.

    Available from Toys R Us.

  • Sea-Monkey Wrist Aquarium Set, £9.99

    Now not only can your child watch his sea monkeys grow, he can carry them around and show his friends using this cool wrist aquarium. Comes complete with easy-to-hatch monkey eggs. Suitable from 6 years.

    Available from sea-monkey.

Last updated on 3 November 2011