Best children and parenting books March 2015

March arrives with eggs, elephants, bathtime, sunflowers and fabulous inventions

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  • Egg

    Age: 1+

    Egg by Jonathan Litton is the latest in the Little Tiger’s My Little World series for the very young. Follow bunny and all her cute baby animal friends as they take part in an Easter egg hunt. This colourful, chunky board book features cut-out eggs that little fingers will have great fun exploring, while the fun, rhyming text builds a lovely spring tale. This book is a great introduction to the themes of spring and would also make a perfect Easter gift.

    Published by Little Tiger Kids, March 2nd, £5.99

  • Elmer’s Parade

    Age: 2+

    To celebrate World Book Day, David McKee has written a very special Elmer story, Elmer’s Parade, which is part of the event’s £1 book promotion. Elmer is very excited because today is the day of the fancy dress parade. But some of his friends have gone missing. Can Elmer find them in time for everyone to join in the fun? Little ones love Elmer and this is a lovely introduction into McKee’s magical world.

    Published by Andersen Press, March 5th, £1

  • Alfie in the Bath

    Age: 3+

    Alfie in the Bath is the second Alfie picture book from bestselling author Debi Gliori. It’s an ordinary day for Alfie as he splashes away in his bath... but then his bath is turned into a marvellous undersea kingdom where Alfie turns into a whale, then a crab and even a deep-sea monster. And what is Alfie’s final challenge? Unfortunately he must help his dad to mop up the mess! The illustrations in this book are fantastic - and really capture the fun of a toddler’s bathtime.

    Published by Bloomsbury, March 12th, £10.99

  • Mummy’s Little Sunflowers

    Age: 4+

    If you are looking for something for Mother’s Day, then Mummy’s Little Sunflowers by Angela McAllister and Alison Edgson could be the perfect gift. Scamp and Scurry are trying to grow some flowers for their mum, but things are not going to plan. However, after a very big adventure, they find that by working together they can give their mummy the best present of all. This is a delightful story about siblings and sharing and any mummy would enjoy reading this to her little ones on March 15th.

    Published by Little Tiger Press, available, £6.99

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  • Amazing Inventions

    Age: 5+

    Amazing Inventions is the latest from the Ladybird First Facts series. Ladybird has been producing accessible and interesting non-fiction books for decades and this title is no exception. Amazing Inventions looks at some of the world’s most famous (and the not-so famous) inventions - covering everything from medicine to the iPod - and the stories behind them. Great for inquisitive minds and a nice alternative to “Google-ing”!

    Published by Ladybird, March 5th, £4.99

  • Things I Wish I’d Known

    Things I Wish I’d Known by Victoria Young is a collection of essays by prominent women purporting to tell the truth about pregnancy and child-raising. Covering topics such as IVF, labour and weaning to the more delicate subject of post-birth sex, this is a very funny, yet moving collection that will resonate with all mums. Contributors include authors Cathy Kelly and Adele Parks, comedian Lucy Porter and many more. A great post-birth read.

    Published by Icon Books, March 5th, £10

  • Kids Don’t Come with a Manual

    Kids Don’t Come with a Manual by parenting coaches Carole and Nadim Saad is a step-by-step guide to help you raise a happy family. Although we are inundated with advice on how to conceive, how to give birth and so on, once our children start to grow parents are often left wondering what to do next. This book is about mums and dads working as a partnership and creating your own parenting style, rather than relying on that of your parents. It has lots of tips that should take you from pre-baby right through to pre-grandparent!

    Published by Best of Parenting Publishing, March 10th, £9.99