Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Awards 2011/2012 best disposable nappy trainer pants

When you're helping your little one with the potty training process you need a disposable nappy you can rely on. Here are our pick of the best buys

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  • The potty training process is a real rite of passage both for your child and you. You need good advice - and did you know it differs whether you're potty training a little boy or a potty training a little girl? And then you need a good trainer pant. These are the disposable trainer pants up for a Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine award this year.

  • Huggies Pull Ups

    Huggies Pull Ups potty training pants are available in daytime and nighttime varieties  and are made with stretchy sides for easy pull up and down action. £5.48 per carry pack. Read the review of Huggies Pull Ups

  • Pampers Easy Up Pants

    Pampers Easy Up Pants have stretchy side panels that make for easier standing. They also have an extra dry layer for unbeatable dryness. £6.49 for a standard carry pack. Read the diaries of potty training mums

  • Asda Little Angels First Pants

    At £3.55 for 24, these Asda award-winners are a great value buy for parents trying to potty train their little ones. Six potty training questions answered.

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  • Mamia Comfy Up Pants

    Mamia Comfy Up Pants from Aldi include tear away seams for quick and easy changes and at less than 16p per nappy they're excellent value for money. £3.49 for 22. Now read everything you need to know about potty training and how to stay dry at night.

  • Tesco Baby Easy Fit Pants

    Tesco Baby Easy Fit Pants are ideal for toddlers who want to pull up and go, giving the protection of a nappy but with the convenience of pants. £3.74 for 20. Not quite potty training yet? Find out what age you should start