FreshNight Anti Allergy Air Purifying Plug In Night Light

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In a nutshell

This is a combined ioniser and nightlight, which can help with asthma and allergies such as hay fever

  • Pros

    A drug free alternative for treating hay fever and allergies, easy to use, plugs into mains, combines two products into one

  • Cons

    Off/on switch tempting for small fingers to play with, fairly bright green light given off, needs to be plugged into mains

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Our review

If you or your children are suffering now we’ve hit hay fever season then the FreshNight Anti Allergy Air Purifying Plug In Night Light could bring you some much needed, drug-free relief.

When it comes to sneezes and itches in our family, we’re pretty unlucky. I’ve suffered from hay fever since I was a child and unfortunately my two daughters, Mia and Lily, seem to have inherited my allergies. A few weeks ago we reached peak tree pollen season - queue much wiping of noses, night-time coughing and gritty eyes in the morning. My only option so far has been to take antihistamines every day, which is costly and inconvenient. And like most parents I’d prefer not to give my children drugs and getting anything besides milk into 3-month-old Lily is tricky!

So the FreshNight Anti Allergy Air Purifying Plug In Night Light seems like a great alternative. It combines a nightlight with two ionisers, which help clear the air of smells, dust mite droppings, cat hair, electrical charges, smoke and anything that can make allergies of the respiratory system worse. It’s faff free, you just plug it into the mains, flick it on and leave it running (day and night if you like) to purify the air. The idea is that allergies and hay fever are often worse in the morning so you can wake up refreshed, no streaming eyes or runny nose.

Now for the science bit: it emits negative ions, which disperse pollen, weigh down dust particles and combat things that give off positive ions, such as computers (yes I have one in my bedroom!). The manufacturer states that the negative ions emitted enhance sleep quality, improve alertness, concentration, reaction time, mood, skin condition and your sense of well being.

You can find the night-light in the UK through the online sleep product store called We Love Sleep.

What we love

For £12.99, the FreshNight Anti Allergy Air Purifying Plug In Night Light is decent value for money compared to paying for antihistamines all summer. It’s absolutely drug free and did work to some degree for both the children and me.

The first night it we plugged it in, we noticed a distinctive clean smell to the air in Mia’s room, but this did seem to fade with time. Mia’s night-time cough disappeared almost overnight and I’ve been able to reduce the amount of antihistamines I take (although I haven’t been able to stop completely).

Mia loved the nightlight, which glows green, and has renamed it the “crocodile light”. Although it didn’t bother her, I found it quite bright in my bedroom and had to move it to the far corner. It’s quite stylish for a night-light and is a similar size to the other night-lights that we have.

What to watch out for

The manufacturer makes some big claims, stating it will improve your air quality and health. Although I’ve noticed some improvement, the night-light hasn’t completely rid me of my allergies.

The FreshNight Anti Allergy Air Purifying Plug In Night Light is easy to use - you just plug it in - but I would have liked a little bit more information. I wasn’t sure if I needed to close my bedroom door to get the full effect. It would have been nice to know how quickly the ionising is supposed to work and whether long term use would further improve allergy symptoms.

Who is the FreshNight Anti Allergy Air Purifying Plug In Night Light best for?

Parents and children looking for a drug-free way to treat hay fever or allergies.

MadeForMums verdict

If you’re sick of your hay fever symptoms but don’t want to take drugs then this night-light is a cost effective treatment that could bring you some much needed relief. Easy to use, it’s great for adults and children, but might not totally rid you of all those seasonal symptoms.