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In a nutshell

Amazing versatility to suit every family’s needs – it’s money well spent on a stylish set of wheels with wow factor

  • Pros

    Easy to assemble, great adaptability, roomy seats, huge shopping basket, adjustable handle, narrow frame, lightweight foam tyres

  • Cons

    Heavy once fully loaded, second carrycot sits too far back

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Our review

Following on from the success of the Oyster travel system, BabyStyle has now come up with a tandem pushchair - the Oyster Max Double.

It's an inline tandem with a truly dizzying array of choice. It can take carrycots, car seats, toddler seats and it can be forward or rear-facing, making it adaptable to suit many needs. This is a pushchair that pays attention to details I didn't even know existed!

It also comes at a good price - £394 for the stroller plus £119 for the tandem seat. 

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What we loved

The buggy was ready as a single pushchair straight out of the box with minimum assembly and the instruction manual was to-the-point. It took us seconds to add either the carrycot or second seat.

The main seat was roomy for my two-year-old, went to lie-flat for my two-month-old, and had straps that were easy to adjust between occupants. I liked the generous hood and was impressed with a zip section that extended the cover to twice its size. For complete coverage I loved the insect/shade net zipped under the footrest. It was fun to chat with my toddler but when she wanted to face forwards it was easy to click the seat out and lift it round 180 degrees - even with her still inside.

The second seat is the same generous size although inexplicably has no sunshade. The luggage rack is enormous and I had room for a balance bike, travel changing bag AND toddler’s feet. My only concern was being too weak to push it home!

The carrycot feels nicely padded and sturdy, and the robust carry handle at the top of the large hood meant I could easily transfer my baby. The pushchair handle adjusts to different heights and although appears quite wide – to me the Oyster Max feels bigger than it actually is. 

However, it has a deceptively compact fold, taking up less space in the car-boot and hallway than I had anticipated. Also, it was narrow enough to nip through shop doorways. The main seat folds neatly in on itself and the chassis locks firmly shut with a secure clasp.

This makes the Oyster feel very well engineered. Every detail is well thought out to create a solid, strong pushchair that does not feel cheap or flimsy in any way.

Style-wise I loved the stylish mirror chrome finish on the frame – as well as boasting some impressive features, this is a buggy that’s great to look at.

What to look out for

My main issue with the Oyster Max Double is its weight once fully loaded. With my toddler in the main seat and carrycot underneath, the buggy felt heavy to the front. It was difficult to tip back going up kerbs because the point of balance was very far forward. The suspension at the front was quite keen and I got stuck in a pothole when the wheels and chassis compressed. There was also no safety wrist strap which worried me on steep hills. But this is a tandem buggy after all – load it up with two kids and you have to expect it to be weighty.

The only other issue I had was when the carrycot was attached below the main seat. I felt it sat very far back on the wheelbase in the lower position, knocking my shins when I walked fast.

Who is the Babystyle Oyster Max best for?

Parents looking for a good investment, a pushchair that will adapt to the needs of a growing family. 

MadeForMums verdict

Overall the Oyster is a stylish investment put together by a talented design team – you get what you pay for and this is money well spent.

Updated 10/12/2014