10 embarrassing family photos

We all have our share of shocking family photos, but after finding awkwardfamilyphotos.com, a site dedicated to these cringe-worthy snaps, we don't feel half as bad!

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  • Mother knows best

    Mum was right, leopard print would have been a step too far.

  • Motherhood

    Sometimes even mum needed a nap.

  • The watchman

    She'd been keeping an eye on them...

  • Hello my pretty

    She just wanted to hold the new baby. Mwuhahaha...

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  • Here's looking at you

    We're expecting big things from you, kid. No pressure.

  • Sibling rivalry

    'I want' never gets. She found that stealing worked much better.

  • Light reading

    She could really relate to the characters in her favourite book.

  • Happy birthd... ouch!

    Mum may have been getting older, but she still knew how to light up a room.

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  • Left out

    Let's all take our new bikes our for a ride! Oh, wait, we don't all have new bikes.

  • Look familiar?

    Unfortunately for all of us, the 80s actually happened.

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