5 of the best tots TV shows for 2010

From dancing dinosaurs to a driving lion and Wallace and Gromit doing science, an array of brand new shows for your little ones are soon to hit the screens

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  • TV hits for 2010

    While you don't want your tot to spend too much time in front of the telly, 2010 sees a number of children's programmes that both entertain and educate.

    Little ones will love learning worldwide music, being taught the art of sign language as well as dabbling in some good old storytelling.

    Check out our guide to the newcomers coming to a screen near you in 2010.

  • Driver Dan’s Story Train

    This charming CGI animated/live action series welcomes you aboard The Story Train, where storytelling adventures come to life with the help of a host of animal characters.

    Snuggle up with Driver Dan the lion, who begins each journey with a pop-up book story with his friends Loopy the Dinosaur, Tallulah the elephant and Precious the camel. Bringing the age old art of storytelling to life, this new CBeebies show will both charm and stimulate your little ones.

    Driver Dan’s Story Train, CBeebies, Monday-Sunday, 12:30pm

  • Make, Shake, Jake

    Join Mel Make, Shaun Shake and his dog Jake for the first ever TV series presented bilingually in English and British Sign Languague (BSL). The star of the show, Jake, is a specially trained hearing dog who helps Shaun with everyday sounds like alerting him when the door bell rings.

    Make, Shake and Jake explore the world and all things art, music and animals through communicating with speech, rhythm and sign.

    Make, Shake, Jake, Cartoonito, daily from January 26, 10:30am and 2:30pm

  • Igam Ogam

    This innovative stop-frame comedy series for toddlers set in the Stone Age revolves around Igam Ogam, a fun-loving little cave girl, and her friends.

    Igam Ogam is curious about everything around her. And like the little ones watching from home, she loves nothing more than playing, having fun, enjoying new experiences and learning about our wonderful world - even if it has more dinosaurs than people!

    Igam Ogam, Milkshake! C5, from February 1, weekdays

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  • Zing Zilla

    Dubbed the new Teletubbies, this animated music show aims to mix all types of music, from opera to pop music, with physical activities - with a prehistoric slant.

    Commissioned by Michael Carrington, Controller of CBeebies, he explains, "It's time for a new kind of music show on CBeebies which will funk up the channel and get all of our toddlers and tots grooving on down to the ZingZillas sound. From operatic arias to jumping, jiving tunes, ZingZillas will be the new name in music for the under-sixes."

    Zing Zilla, CBeebies, starts March 2010

  • Wallace and Gromit: World of Invention

    Everyone's favourite claymation duo have bagged their own BBC TV show dedicated to all budding mini scientists!

    Part of the BBC's 'celebration of science', the classic Aardman characters will help children find their inner inventor, with lots of laughs and live action segments featuring real life inventions.

    Wallace and Gromit: World of Invention, BBC1, coming soon for 2010