Developmental toys for your toddler

Get your toddler learning early with these thought-provoking, educational toys

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  • Early learning toys for your toddler

    From completing a jigsaw to counting birds in the sky, your child is always learning. So what can you do to encourage them to develop their essential skills? Well, for your baby or young child, play is one of the main ways they learning about their world. They can play with you, plus there are lots of thought-provoking toys that help your toddler develop their skills, and without them even knowing about it.

    From writing their names to telling the time, we've found the best learning toys around for your child...

  • Stacking toy

    This stacking toy introduces you child to colours, shapes and sizes, plus the mix and match element will keep them challenged and get them problem solving.

    Melissa & Doug geometric stacker, £14.99, Brightminds.

    Best for ages 2 years +.

  • Number bugs

    Snap and match these bugs to each colour and numbers. These cute critters will help your child recognise numbers and colours.

    Snap and Learn number bugs, £14, Great Little Trading Company.

    Best for ages 2 years +.

  • Writing board

    This board is great for helping your child learn the alphabet as well as practice writing skills. Simply follow the letter templates and wipe clean to start again.

    Write Start Board, £9.99, Letterbox.

    Best for ages 3 years +.

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  • Wooden clock

    This great multi-purpose toy helps your toddler sort shapes, colours and numbers in order, as well as grasp the concept of telling the time.

    Sorting and Teaching Clock, £14, Mulberry Bush.

    Best for ages 2 years +.

  • Shopping list game

    This game for two to four players is designed to give your child's memory and observational skills a workout. It's also good for social skills, encouraging your child to take turns.

    Shopping List, £7, Orchard Toys.

    Best for ages 3 years to 7 years.

  • Colour mixing

    Put different colours in the pot, and it'll light up with the colour creation! This talking toy is ideal for those times when messy paints need to stay in the craft box.

    Mr Colour Maker, £24.99, Tomy.

    Best for ages 2 years +.

  • Alphabet puzzle

    This fab board helps your toddler learn the alphabet in a fun way, recognise animals and shape-match, too.

    Alphabet Wooden Puzzle, £6.99, Toys R Us.

    Best for ages 2 years +.