A washing machine is an essential household appliance for any family, but why do a lot of us settle for the appliance we've had for years? While there are some misconceptions that purchasing a new washing machine is out of your price range, upgrading to a new model could end up being more efficient, both environmentally and financially.


Did you know the average person changes their washing machine approximately every 11 years? That’s over a decade in which washing machine features, technologies and specifications advance.

If you're considering upgrading your washing machine, there are lots of things to take into account to ensure you’re making the right choice for your family. For example, which of the many features will actually be useful to you? What size washing machine is best suited to your family's needs? Which energy rating do you need? What do you need to consider when ordering online? If you feel confident answering all of these questions, you won't think twice before tapping 'buy'.

AO is the UK's most trusted electrical retailer and can provide invaluable guidance to help you make an informed decision when purchasing your next washing machine. With an impressive 4.8 star rating out of 5 on Trustpilot, AO has over 500,000 reviews.

What washing machine features are best suited to families?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a new washing machine, and smart features can sometimes be more confusing than they are helpful. Some features and technologies which are best-suited to families include a quick washing cycle setting, smart wash and smart rinse.

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You can never predict when something sentimental, such as a teddy or favourite T-shirt, will need to be washed quickly, so having a washing machine that fights stains in a short cycle (usually 30-minutes) is fantastic. Plus, some washing machines come with sensors that measure soiling and detergent levels throughout the washing cycle to optimise how long your wash needs — also known as smart wash and smart rinse — which should deliver better fabric care and cleaner clothes.

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What size washing machine do you need?

Size is slightly different to wash load; washing machines with larger wash loads are likely to be bigger, however, this isn’t always the case. It is possible to get a large wash load in a compact washing machine, so when it comes to size, we’d recommend measuring all of the dimensions of the gap you want the washing machine to fill — whether that’s under a worktop, in a laundry room, or in a storage cupboard — before purchasing one.

Then you can look into load size. This is the size of the wash load you actually need, will be determined by the size of your family: 7kg is suitable for approximately 30 T-shirts, which is perfect if you're the designated sports team kit washer for that week, and bigger drum sizes, such as 9kg or above, can hold approximately 100 T-shirts, which is great for families of four or larger.

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What is the best energy rating for a washing machine?

AO sells washing machines which are labelled A to E, with A being the most energy efficient machine, and E being the least. A lot of washing machines offer eco cycles with cooler temperatures and water levels, so why is it best to look for machines with an A rating if possible?

Washing machines with a good energy rating will use less energy when in use, which means lower energy bills and less money spent. With the ongoing cost of living crisis, it's never been more important to invest in appliances which are efficient. Hotpoint is a great example of a washing machine brand which will save you money in the long-run; some Hotpoint washing machines are equipped with ActiveCare technology which allows you to wash clothes at as little as 20 degrees.

Which washing machine brands are best for families?

With plenty of washing machine brands on the market, it can be difficult to know which products cut above the noise and deliver the best washing for you and your family. These four washing machine brands help provide the best care for your washing loads. Let’s check them out.


AO washing machines Hotpoint
Hotpoint via AO Hotpoint

Selected Hotpoint washing machines are equipped with ActiveCare technology, capable of effectively removing stubborn stains at temperatures as low as 20 degrees*. This not only protects your clothes, ensuring they stay looking their best for longer, but also helps minimise the environmental impact of each laundry load.

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*Obtained on Anti-stain programme 20 degrees (tested on Cotton) and ActiveCare option activated and tested by external institute SSOG (Italy) on more than 100 types of stains.


AO washing machines Hoover
Hoover via AO Hoover

As we mentioned earlier, grade A is is the most energy efficient rating and wash loads above 9kg are perfect for a large family, and Hoover has a wide selection of A-rated, large capacity washing machines — with drum capacities going up to 14kg. With Hoover, you can also activate the smart KG Mode; KG Mode activates sensors to weigh the load, then works out the time, amount of water and energy it needs to use in that specific cycle, so you’ll never wash for longer than you need. Why is the smart KG Mode important? Well, it means if you're washing at the optimum length of time, you'll save energy and, therefore, money.

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LG AO which washing machine is best for families
LG via AO LG

If you’re conscious about saving money, look no further than an LG washing machine. Selected LG washing machines feature a nifty tool called EZDispense which auto-doses the amount of detergent needed for the amount of clothes you’re washing. Plus, with drum sizes up to 13kg, LG washing machines are great for large families.

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AO washing machines Haier
Haier via AO Haier

One of the fantastic things about Haier washing machines is that all of them come with a Direct Motion Motor which helps eliminate friction during a wash, which is great for lowering energy consumption, not that we'd expect anything less from Haier, as all of the brand's washing machines are A energy rated. As well as being energy effective, the Direct Motion Motor feature also reduces noise, which is great if you have an open-plan home.

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What to consider when buying a new washing machine online

AO makes purchasing the great range of tech mentioned, from Hotpoint, LG, Hoover and Haier, even easier with its Buy Now Pay Later plan, a feature of AO finance. The current promotion offers flexible payment terms until 2025 on thousands of products over £200*. It's also possible to pay your remaining balance up until that point, and you can find out more about AO Finance here.

AO is an online retailer which sells washing machines, fridge freezers, TVs, laptops, and more, and it has been operating for 24 years now. AO even offers a price match promise — if you can find the product cheaper elsewhere, AO will match it — as well as hosting dedicated deals pages for plenty of appliances.

For big purchases, such as washing machines, it’s important that you can get them delivered to your door — after all, carrying a washing machine from a store into your home is a recipe for back pain. AO offers personalised delivery; there’s the option to choose a time slot on any day of the week, including next-day delivery, and you’ll receive regular updates from the delivery team.

If you’re anticipating that your washing machine will be well-used, be sure to check the warranty. Standard warranties usually cover one or two years, but we’d recommend getting an extended warranty, and brands such as LG offer a five year warranty.

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