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Baby on the left with a product from the Magic Tales™ collection; on the right: Tiny Love logo and text that reads: 'Black & White play for babies

Discover the fun and super-stylish new Magical Tales collection from Tiny Love®, the perfect way to support your baby’s growth and development

Did you know?

In the first 3 months, babies can only focus on objects that are 20-30cm away from them, and their colour perception is limited. As a result, babies love to look at high-contrast black and white patterns, which stand out in their blurry worlds and help them to focus.

Bold monotone images help stimulate the development of the optic nerves and encourage young babies’ cognitive development without over-stimulating them. This kind of visual stimulation for newborns is a great way to help extend their tummy time – it also encourages the eye muscles and the brain to coordinate and function properly.

Two babies lying on the new black and white Magical Tales Collection mat

Develop in style from day 1

The NEW black and white Magical Tales collection from Tiny Love is the perfect choice for babies. With contrasting colours and bold graphics, the stylish products boost visual stimulation and cognitive development, inspiring babies to explore, learn and grow right from the start. And not only does this on-trend collection encourage infants to learn and focus, but it’s also a stylish addition to any home thanks to its clean, fuss-free design.

Moments of Wonder

Every Tiny Love toy or product is created with the 7 Developmental Wonders in mind. They are: cognition; language and communication; fine motor skills; senses; gross motor skills; imagination and creativity; and emotional intelligence.

These 7 Developmental Wonders provide a comprehensive set of guidelines for a wide variety of baby developmental milestones and work as a tool to help parents grow with their babies.

Mother interacting with her baby who is lying on the Gymini®

Discover the range…

The Magical Tales collection is ideal for helping your baby to reach some of those developmental milestones. The popular Gymini® is the hero of the range, as it features an impressive 18 developmental activities, including:

Adjustable arches that allow you to create an adaptable environment and make space for bonding

A baby-activated musical toy that helps to promote understanding of cause and effect

A soft take-along book, plus a stimulating black and white mobile, to help develop your baby’s vision

Shiny satin ribbons to help strengthen hand and finger muscles

A star teether for fun tactile stimulation

A playful plush cloud to enrich your baby’s experience of textures

A crinkly peek-a-boo game to help promote understanding of object permanence

A mirror for extended tummy time and to help promote emotional intelligence

You’ll also find the Super Mat, Take-Along Mobile, Pack & Go Mini Mobile and two on-the-go toys in the range, all designed to perfectly match your baby’s innate desire to explore.

To find out more about the Magical Tales collection, visit the Tiny Love wesbite