Preparing for a new baby can be confusing. With so many products for newborns flooding the market, it’s hard to know what is essential and what will never get used.


This is where the all-new Aptica travel system from award-winning luxury brand Inglesina, comes in. Dedicated to baby wellness for over 60 years, Italian brand Inglesina has consistently pushed the boundaries with its prams, strollers, car seats and accessories. Spring 2023 sees the introduction of an all new Aptica and updated Aptica XT travel system, both with a reclining, rotating car seat.

A full upgrade on previous offerings in the Aptica range, it offers all the key items you need for transporting a newborn, from a cosy carrycot to an all-season stroller seat and an innovative new reclining and rotating car seat. To would-be and new parents the Aptica travel system is a convenient way to keep your little one safe and comfortable.

The Aptica XT, the all-terrain travel system (pictured above) has also received an upgrade, with new wheels, a lighter seat, new hood and larger storage basket. Sharp detailing also makes this a sportier looking pram for parents who like to go off the beaten track It is available in in Taiga Green, Tuareg Beige and Magnet Grey.

The new Inglesina Aptica Chassis

The Aptica aims to marry elegance and functionality. The chassis (pushchair frame) comes in two colours, Palladio (light gold) and Litto (gunmetal chrome), with details such as a vegan leatherette handle and chrome trims created with luxury in mind.

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Colour-wise, you can pick from a number of modern, muted tones. The Aptica comes in Velvet Grey, Resort Blue and Pashmina Beige.

The polyurethane tyres easily tackle all common surfaces, keeping the baby comfortable on any journey. For those looking for something more rugged, the Aptica XT expands on this with its all-terrain suitability.

And good things come in small packages. Our previous MadeForMums reviewer Paul found the original Aptica pushchair to be quite big even when folded, but the all-new Aptica model is 4cm smaller when folded, with a height of 86.5cm. The chassis itself weighs only 7.2kg, and with the seat attached it weighs 10.4kg, lighter by 2kg than the previous Aptica, and many other comparable travel systems on the market.

To the frame you can add your choice of either carrycot or seat, depending on the age of your child.

Aptica Carrycot

Inglesina’s dedication to baby wellness continues with the carrycot, designed for use up to around 6 months. It maintains the 79x37cm size of the previous Aptica, allowing the baby lots of room to stretch and grow. MFM reviewer Paul said, “We loved the fact that there was room for a thick outdoor sleepsuit and blankets – perfect for the cold Yorkshire winters – and you won’t need to worry about your baby growing out of this carrycot before they reach 6 months in age.”

The carrycot also includes the brand’s signature Welcome Pad, with breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial bamboo fibre lining to help regulate the baby’s temperature. Mesh in the ventilation window and around the base allows increased air flow and temperature control in the carrycot, and the hood has UV protection and a sun visor to protect little eyes from bright sun.

The integrated handle allows the carrycot to be manoeuvred with one hand and the carrycot turns into a crib when attached to the stand, which is included in the bundle. Use this in lieu of a bedside crib to get even more value for money from your bundle or consider it a convenient spot for daytime naps and travel.

Aptica Seat Unit

Inglesina’s new ‘all season’ seat unit is one of the smartest things about the new Aptica. It’s equipped with a Comfort Cover, a padded unit which covers the back of the pushchair seat to keep your little one warm during colder months. When the temperatures rise, the cover can be removed and babies are kept cooler by a double breathable mesh layer which allows air to circulate freely.

The structure of the large seat, which is 55x37cm, ensures the child is kept comfortably in the correct position until they outgrow the pushchair (at 22kg). Four possible recline positions, including a sleeping position, are easily reached via a central control.

The seat can be folded on the chassis, and this doesn’t add to the height of the final fold, meaning it should fit most car boots.

Darwin Infant Recline Car Seat and Darwin 360 Base

The i-size Darwin Infant Recline Car Seat is new for Aptica and Aptica XT, and offers plenty of features that are both convenient for parents and comfortable for your child.

Inglesina recognises that babies breathe most easily when lying down rather than sitting up (as their respiratory system is not fully developed). For this reason, the Darwin Infant Recline Car Seat has been designed to keep baby flat whilst out and about and has been tested to the most up to date European Safety Standard, R129.

The back rest can be lowered and the leg rest extended to keep the baby’s back and legs aligned for maximum comfort, while a central mechanism at the front of the seat allows the baby’s position to be easily adjusted back to upright.

The seat structure itself has 149 holes to facilitate air flow and ensure optimal temperature control for babies. The Integrated Shock Absorber offers further reassurance in the event of an accident. Unlike previous models from the brand, the seat also rotates thanks to the new Darwin 360 base, which can even be turned whilst reclined to make sure your baby isn’t disturbed if you need to put then in or out of the car while they sleep. The Darwin i-Size 360 base fits both the infant car seat and the Darwin Next Stage i-Size seat, so you can upgrade as they grow and ensure your child is comfortable and secure until they’re 105cm tall (approximately four years old).

Inglesina Aptica buggy

With so many elements, this new model from award-winning Inglesina is an investment, but it’s likely to prove very cost-effective over time. Along with the car seat, base, carrycot, pushchair and crib stand, the Aptica comes with accessories such as footmuff, storage basket and cupholder for further convenience.

Inglesina has managed to cut down on size without cutting quality, showing that less really can be more in the world of buggies. This travel system would be most suited to those who want a high quality, stylish, does-it-all travel system in one package: with this bundle, there’s no need to purchase a whole host of accessories and adapters in order to make it work optimally, and all you’ll need to do is upgrade your car seat once your child outgrows the infant carrier.

For parents who travel a lot, being able to use the carrycot for overnight sleeping is a huge bonus and the innovative reclining and rotating car seat is a hugely convenient option to aid in transporting sleeping little ones and getting them in and out of the car safely.

The all-new Aptica and Aptica XT are available now.


Aptica RRP £1,595
Aptica XT RRP £1,695