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When head lice are on the loose, reach for Lyclear to help you and your child beat the beasties

When your kids start scratching, or that dreaded note comes home from school, it’s perfectly normal to get that sinking feeling. After all, it means spending hours painstakingly combing through your child’s hair on the hunt for those nasty little creatures. Or battling with toddlers who are quite happy to let their mop-tops be a hiding place for wildlife.

The good news is, there's a more convenient way to beat the beasties with Lyclear, the UK's No. 1 selling head lice treatment*. It's double action formula suffocates and dehydrates head lice and their eggs, killing them off and minimising the chances of them reappearing. *To verify contact:


What are head lice?

Head lice are insects that love nothing better than setting up home on the scalp, where conditions are just how they like them – warm and humid. The pesky creatures feed on blood from the scalp and even inject a substance to make sure their meal doesn’t start clotting before they’ve finished eating. This can cause the itching that’s often the first sign that they’ve moved in.

Once there, head lice are hard to get rid of because the little blighters hold on tightly to the hair – so washing or normal brushing has no effect. What’s more, each louse has an adult lifespan of 30 days – and can lay up to 300 eggs in that time!

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How does Lyclear work?

Lyclear's non-insecticde range physically blocks the breathing holes (spiracles) of head lice, targeting them with a double-whammy attack which suffocates and dehydrates them. And to stop the problem coming back, it does the same to the eggs too. Even better, because of the way it works, there’s no way the head lice can become resistant to treatment.

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Keep a clear head – choose Lyclear

Lyclear is available in four non-insecticide formats. Recommended by Pharmacists, trusted by parents**. See which Lyclear products is best for you and your child.

Lyclear Treatment Shampoo
Lyclear Spray
Lyclear Lotion
Lyclear Sensitive

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**75% of 77 pharmacists surveyed agreed. 112/113 parents surveyed agreed.

Head lice fact file

There is so much conflicting advice about head lice and how to get rid of them, you’re probably scratching your head in confusion! To help you out, here are some myth-busting facts:

Lyclear can be used regularly: Normally one or two treatments will be enough to get rid of head lice, but if your child becomes re-infested, it can be used again straight away – and will still be as effective.

About the Lyclear range: It has both insecticide and non-insecticide-based products. The non-insecticide range works physically by suffocating and dehydrating both head lice and eggs.

Head lice like clean or dirty hair: Head lice have nothing to do with hygiene. Anyone can get head lice, although it’s more common in children – probably because they’re more likely to put their heads together or share personal belongings.

Lyclear can be used on children: Lyclear lotion, Spray and Sensitive can all be used from 6 months. Lyclear shampoo is suitable for children from the age of 2 years old.

Head lice can’t become resistant to Lyclear: Lyclear’s non-insecticde products work physically. Lyclear’s double action formula suffocates and dehydrates head lice so the they can’t become resistant to any of its ingredients.

Head lice can’t fly: They are wingless insects so can only be spread by direct contact – like putting heads together or sharing hairbrushes, hats and scarves.