The Anex e/type stroller aims to offer parents the perfect balance of style and functionality. The use of eco-leather sets it apart aesthetically from other pushchairs you'll see on the street, while the inclusion of both a carrycot for newborns and a seat for when your child grows older means that you have everything you need in one package.


This is a pushchair made for those who tackle a variety of terrains and travel by car, rather than a compact city-friendly design for use on public transport. The fact that it suits a child from newborn right through to preschool means you only have to make one purchase, and the solid construction means it would likely withstand the rigours of daily use so you could use it with more than one child.

Most importantly, perhaps, is the look of the e/type – it’s designed to stand out in a crowd with its eco-leather accents and curved design, and it's definitely a pushchair that gets people talking.

Anex e/type stroller with carrycot

What makes the Anex e/type stroller special?

● The use of eco-leather for the hood, under seat storage and accessories makes a strong style statement vs a more traditional pushchair
● The included carrycot can be lifted off with one hand, and offers lots of room for a newborn to sleep while on the move
● The world-facing seat can be lowered flat and the footrest raised, providing the perfect nap position for an older child. When fully reclined, the seat unit is also suitable for newborns, should you prefer to use it
● It’s comfortable and smooth to operate one-handed, thanks to the large rubber wheels and suspension

Using the Anex e/type stroller for the first time

Anex e/type stroller with carrycot

When a pushchair arrives with as many accessories as the Anex e/type, it’s going to come in a big box. But once opened, it was clear what I needed to do, and I was up and running in about 15 minutes.

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It’s immediately clear that this is a pushchair designed to turn heads, and the use of eco-leather for the hood, footmuff, carrycot cover, underseat storage, and backpack sets it apart from others in the category. While the caramel colour wasn’t the one I would have chosen, I was stopped several times while testing it by people who loved it. There are also black and grey “marble” colour options available.

Anex e/type stroller with carrycot

I tested the e/type first using the carrycot with my 4 month old son. He was extremely comfortable, thanks to the cosy mattress and the shade provided by the eco-leather hood, which you can pull down really far. In fact, it was so comfortable he was asleep before I wheeled it down the driveway!

The hood also allows you to pull up the back section to allow a breeze through the mesh underneath the leather. This was particularly great during the hot weather I was testing in.

It was extremely easy to pop off the carrycot and switch it to the world-facing pushchair seat. I've found with other pushchairs that the buttons are often stiff and awkward making every adjustment a pain, but these genuinely are easy to press in, and the carrycot can then be lifted out one-handed.

Anex e/type stroller

My 2 year old daughter immediately loved the height of the seat unit, which gave her a great view as we strolled, and she also liked the fact that there was a foot rest and bumper bar. Unfortunately, she’s not a child who has ever slept in a pushchair, but if you’ve got one of those (so jealous!), you’ll love the fact that you can recline the seat to lie flat using just the lever at the back.

At 60cm wide, the Anex e/type is average in size for a pushchair of this type. There were some narrow shopping aisles I struggled to navigate, but it’s surprising how light and easy it is to manoeuvre given the frame size. The wheels are air free and made of solid polyurethane, and while some other buggies I’ve used with this type of wheels can mean a bumpy ride, that wasn’t the case with the e/type. It’s also light enough to push one handed - and even get up and down kerbs - allowing you to enjoy a much-needed coffee on the move.

Anex e/type stroller

I loved the "comfy stop" foot brake positioned in the middle of the bottom of the frame, which you simply press down to lock and flick up to unlock. That’s not the case with my regular pushchair, and the e/type way is so much easier!

It’s also the perfect pushchair for any short person in a relationship with a tall person (or vice versa). My husband is a foot taller than me, but he was just as comfortable when using it, as you can tilt the handlebar up and down using the buttons at the side.

What storage is included with the Anex e/type stroller?

Anex e/type stroller storage

The Anex e/type comes with a wedge shaped eco-leather bag that fits underneath the seat. It’s not huge, but does have three zips that allow the bag to expand, making it more spacious than it first appears.

There’s also an eco-leather backpack included, which you can either wear or store under the handlebar using the hooks provided. It’s a neat way of offering extra storage, although if you need to carry the rain hood (also provided) it will take up the majority of that space.

Anex e/type stroller

Overall, the storage options mean that you have to be relatively organised with what you’re taking with you - this pushchair will not allow you to cart around everything including the kitchen sink, but that’s one of the reasons why it looks so good!

How does the Anex e/type stroller fold?

Unlike many others, folding this pushchair did not require a degree in engineering or even a look at the instruction manual, you just pull up two clips on the frame and push down. I particularly liked the fact that unfolding it was simply a case of releasing the catch on the side and pulling it up. It also packed down to a relatively neat size, easily fitting in our car boot.

Anex e/type stroller in a car boot

What accessories come with the Anex Baby e/type stroller?

The Anex e/type comes with the following accessories included:

  • Eco-leather pram cover
  • Eco-leather pushchair footmuff
  • Raincover
  • Mosquito
  • Eco-leather rucksack

You can purchase car seat adapters separately to turn the pushchair into a travel system (compatible car seats are listed on this page). Additionally, you can also buy cup holders, an umbrella, a sleeping bag, a sun protector for the seat unit, plus a number of other useful accessories to get the most out of the stroller.

How much is the Anex Baby e/type stroller?


The stroller retails at £825.

About the author

Susi Knightwell is a writer and mum of two. She tested the Anex e/type on walks around town and by the beach with her 4-month-old son and 2-year-old daughter.