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It’s easy for good eating behaviours to go out the window during the summer holidays, but if you’re planning to get back on track when your kids go back to school, LighterLife Fast can help

When you get into the habit of nibbling on your kids’ leftovers, it’s easy to consume extra calories without even noticing at the best of times, but then you have the summer holidays. Garden parties with lots of tasty food and drink, eating out every day on your family getaway, ice cream at the seaside…

There’s so much delicious temptation to contend with, so it makes sense to wait until your children head back to school before you try to regain your balance. The good news is, LighterLife Fast can help you to eat more mindfully and find that balance again easily – in a way that works for you and your busy life.

Please note LighterLife Fast is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women

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Find out more

How it works

LighterLife Fast isn’t about super-healthy eating 24/7 – this diet works around you, not you around it!


Simply choose your Fast Days – two or three days each week that work for you.


Enjoy any 4 LighterLife Fast meals on your Fast Days and plenty of calorie-free drinks.


Follow the Smart Day Plan (see below for more information) on your other days.


Sign up to The Fast Zone (also see below) and join the Facebook group for Smart recipes, top tips and to keep motivated.


Your non-Fast Days are called Smart Days, and they’re ideal for keeping your weight in check with healthy balanced meals. On these days you can:


Eat 2 x 300-calorie meals.


Have 1 meal that you’d normally eat.


Enjoy 2 snacks – each under 100 calories (ideally, they’ll be high in protein and low in carbs).

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LighterLife Fast has designed a super-helpful eating plan, plus it has lots of free recipes, tips and tricks in its members area, The Fast Zone, where you can download everything you need to succeed for FREE!

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Lighter Life Fast products

So, what are you waiting for? Get planning how you’re going to get your balance back. Start with stocking up on these handy LighterLife Fast products, so you’re ready to go.

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Lighter Life Fast logo - weight loss made easy