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Heinz For Baby
Three babies - Mia, Savraj and Alfied

3 babies, 3 stages, 3 months of weaning diaries. Follow the honest and changing experiences of 3 MadeForMums families on their way to wean, with a little help from Heinz for Baby. Real life doesn't get messier than this…

Meet baby Mia

Beth and Ollie’s baby Mia is just about to start weaning at 6 months old. Living in West London, they’ve got their fingers crossed that Mia will like most foods but are concerned in case she’s a fussy eater (“Just like her mum!” jokes Ollie).

Meet baby Savraj

Little Savraj from Romford is just 7 months old. He’s already 4 weeks into his weaning journey and mum and dad, Kirendeep and Tarminder, are very proud of their progress – he’s really enjoying his puréed veggies! Now, they want to try some new flavours.

Meet baby Alfie

4 months into his weaning journey and baby Alfie is loving it. His parents, Lucy and Anthony, have been giving him finger food and pouches, but one of their weaning worries is whether he actually is eating enough food (or whether he’s just playing with it).