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Toy pets that teach coding without screens!

Make learning fun and start your child’s coding adventure with Coding Critters™, Learning Resources’ fun interactive pet range

Finding a toy that’s as exciting as it is educational for your child isn’t always easy. What’s more, many developmental games often involve your little one staring at a screen. The good news is, with Learning Resources’ Coding Critters, children can learn the basics of coding while having all the fun of looking after their very own interactive pet – and not a single screen is needed!

Coding is a highly valuable skill for young children to learn and prepares them well for early school life. From fostering your child’s creativity to improving their problem-solving confidence and STEM skills, it can benefit their learning in so many ways.

With Coding Critters, children as young as 4 can learn basic coding as they programme their interactive pet to move around and complete challenges. Most importantly, they’ll have loads of fun doing it! Here’s why you should consider Coding Critters as your next buy…

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They’re easy to use

Using the arrows on top of the Coding Critter, your child can input a coding sequence that tells them where to go and how to get there. Depending on the model, they can code their dog to fetch, their dinosaur to bash boulders, their bunny to find a carrot, or their kitty to chase yarn. The included storybook teaches how to do simple coding commands to complete tasks, although your little one can also get creative and make up their own adventures.

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They teach responsibility

By switching to Play Mode, each Coding Critter can be turned into an interactive pet – so your child can learn the important lesson of caring for others. Your little one will have to feed, pet and care for their new Critter, who will react with sounds. They can even make them dance and sing a silly song!

Coding Critter products

You can learn coding without a screen

What really makes Coding Critters stand out is that they’re one of the few kids’ coding tools that don’t require a screen. Using simple buttons – which are sized for small hands – your little one can learn early STEM coding concepts without staring at a tablet or desktop. These pets are ready to code as soon as they’re out of the box (and after you’ve put the batteries in)!

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