Life as a parent is busy enough without having to contend with hard-to-manoeuvre strollers, or those that feel like you need a university degree just to open and fold away. That’s why the new Joie Parcel – designed with versatility and adaptability in mind – aims to make things a little simpler for parents on the go.


Suitable from birth until 22kg (approx. 4 years), this compact pushchair is loaded with convenient features, from its lightweight 6.9kg construction to its clever autoclick magnetic buckles, which make it easy to secure your child – even the wrigglers! Plus, it combines safety features, such as a SoftTouch 5-point harness and a quick action one-touch brake, with luxurious touches, including an expandable, water repellent and UPF 50+ canopy and smooth suspension.

The Parcel’s modest £250 price point may leave some parents doubting its greatness, but it seems there’s absolutely no need to worry. When put through its paces by members of our Top Testers Club, 100% of families recommended it, making it Parent Approved by MadeForMums. Here’s what they loved most.

“Folding it is a breeze!”

A child in a Joie Parcel stroller folded in the back of a boot of a car

“You can fold this stroller with just one hand, so you don’t have to worry about not having both hands free when you’re out and about. I thought it might be tricky, but once you get used to the fold, it’s actually fun. Plus, it’s compact enough to fit in the car boot with lots of room to spare.”

“It handles brilliantly on all terrains”

A child in a Joie Parcel stroller

“When the pushchair arrived we were about to go to Poland, so we packed it up and took it away with us. We visited forests, airports, town centres and old seaside cities with cobbled pavements – and the stroller didn’t disappoint. It coped wonderfully and handled like a dream. My little one even fell asleep in it multiple times.”
Steph, mum of an 18 month old

“It’s easy to handle on public transport”

A child in a Joie Parcel stroller on the London Underground

“Normally when I’m on the train or tube, I have to keep my foot under the stroller to make sure it doesn’t move or the footbrake doesn’t accidentally let go, but the Parcel changes all that. The handlebar makes it so much easier to control and I could fit it neatly into the special pushchair section of the train.
Emily, mum of a 2 year old

“Our larger toddler had plenty of room”

A child in a Joie Parcel stroller

“Despite its compact frame, the seat size is so good on this pram. Our large toddler (98th percentile) had plenty of room either side – and the buckle deserves a special mention too. It’s magnetic, making it ideal for wiggly toddlers. It’s so easy, my daughter could buckle herself in, but don’t worry, she couldn’t undo it!”
Lauren, mum of a 20 month old

“The reclining seat is great for sleeping on the move”

A child in a Joie Parcel stroller

“My child loved this stroller. He genuinely looked a lot more comfortable in this than our previous one, which I found he slouched in quite a lot. With the Parcel, he could sit upright and completely flat, which was great for on-the-go naps. It’s also incredibly lightweight.”
Sophie, mum of a 15 month old

“I didn’t even need to read the set-up instructions!”

A child in a Joie Parcel stroller

“As soon as I unboxed the Parcel, I could tell it was a great quality product. It was super easy to put together. The wheels, of course, needed to be attached, but it was immediately obvious which went where.”
Paulina, mum of a 1 year old

“You get so much included with this pushchair”

A child in a Joie Parcel stroller being dragged across the sand by a woman

“The travel bag was an unexpected bonus and I know we’ll use it a lot as we travel regularly as a family. The added rain cover was another great benefit, as was the bumper bar, which we had to buy separately for our other pushchair.”
Gabrielle, mum of a 2 year old

“The Parcel is really stylish”

A child in a Joie Parcel stroller next to a woman on the London Underground

“A couple of my friends commented on how plush and comfortable they thought the pram looked and even my husband said it looked premium. I felt happy to be pushing it around in public and thought it looked way more expensive than its £250 price tag.”
Gemma, mum of a 14 month old


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