“Soft, flexible, no leaks or explosions” – why mums love award-winning Lidl nappies

Fresh from its success at this year’s MadeForMums Awards, Lidl’s Lupilu nappy range proves that gold-standard products don’t have to cost their weight in gold!

Mother changing her baby's nappy

Whether you’re preparing for the arrival of a tiny new family member or simply looking to swap your baby’s current nappies to another brand, look no further than Lidl’s exclusive Lupilu nappy range.


Offering comfort and innovation from birth and beyond, the range was triumphant at the MadeForMums Awards 2020, officially earning the seal of approval from family home testers with multiple wins, including three golds.

Here’s why you may want to consider this bottom- and pocket-friendly range of nappies and nappy pants for your little one…


Lupilu Newborn Nappies 2-5kg (Size 1) – GOLD

Proof that a bargain price doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality, these nappies – which are just 79p a pack – won huge praise from MadeForMums home testers. With details like its navel-friendly recess, which helps to care for your newborn’s umbilical cord, along with Magical Tube® technology that go the extra mile to prevent leaks, it’s no surprise they scooped gold!

Tester Nicola, mum of 2, said, “No leaking with baby’s bottom, dry to touch when changing, soft to touch and I really like the cut-out for the cord – it’s by far the best I have seen.”

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Lupilu Newborn Mini Nappies 3-6kg (Size 2) – SILVER

The handy features continue with Lidl’s size 2 nappies, which again offer peace of mind as well as great value for money. Home testers were impressed by the wetness indicator – which changes colour when your little one needs changing – along with useful coloured tabs that make “late night changes seamless”. They also offer a soft fit that’s gentle on your baby’s skin.

“These work exactly as expected and are very easy to use,” enthused tester Nikki, mum of 1. “The wetness indicator is a big benefit and I feel like my baby could have been in the nappy for a long time without becoming too wet.”

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Lupilu Midi Nappies 4-9kg (Size 3) – BRONZE

With their 3 absorbent channels offering a longer feeling of dryness, the clever design of these nappies made them a real hit with parents. They also applauded their softness and flexibility, which provided a secure but comfortable fit.

Impressed tester Gemma, mum of 3, said, “I was really impressed with these nappies. They felt so soft and flexible and we had no leaks or explosions while using them. I love the brand’s focus on sustainability and using less materials. The nappies are also extremely good value for money. Having 3 children under 3 in nappies means I get through a lot of nappies and I would definitely rate these above some of the other more expensive brands out there.”

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Lupilu Maxi Nappies 7-18kg (Size 4) – GOLD

Super softness, and a great price to boot, made these nappies a clear winner at this year’s awards. Lidl promises 12 hours of dryness and the MFM’s home testers confirmed they were extremely effective at stopping leaks.

“I was very pleasantly surprised,” tester Amy, mum of 1, reported. “We have used A LOT of nappies in a search for some that don’t irritate my baby’s skin, but that also don’t leak, and these are great. They also don’t break the bank.”

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Lupilu Junior Nappies 11-25kg (Size 5) – GOLD

If you’re looking for proof you can count on Lidl’s nappies throughout your baby journey, this is it. As well as winning gold, these toddler nappies were branded completely “leak-free” by one home tester. Their flexible design and thin feel make them perfect for an active toddler who’s always on the move.

Tester Heather, mum of 2, said,“Lovely design, didn’t experience any leaks and very soft material. They’re also easy to put on a wiggly toddler with the stretchy band!”

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Lupilu Extra Large Nappies Plus 16+kg (Size 6+) – BRONZE

MadeForMums’ parent testers loved how cost-efficient Lidl’s size 6+ nappies were, with one impressed mum even claiming “they do exactly the same job” as brands that are double the price. Like the other nappies across the range, they come with multiple tubes within the core, plus an additional layer to draw liquid inside the nappy – perfect for night-time.

“They work really well throughout the night. Our daughter will wear these for 12-13 hours when she wears them at night and we’ve never had any problems with leaks,” said pleased tester Jo, mum of 2. “They’ve been brilliant, easy to use and definitely value for money.”

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Nappy Pants

Lupilu Junior Active Plus Pants 13-20kg (Size 5) – SILVER

These Lupilu nappy pants were rated fantastic value for money and great quality. They also boast thoughtful little details, such as disposable tape that helps keep soiled nappies wrapped up Home testers loved their ease of use, absorbency and pledged to use and recommend them in the future.

Tester Victoria, mum of 1, said, “Fantastic product, great value for money, easy to use and a great fit! The product was great quality, very soft and looked comfortable.”

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Lupilu Extra Large Active Plus Pants 16+kg (Size 6) – BRONZE

Home testers were bowled over by the amount of liquid these Extra Large Plus Pants are able to hold. No parent reported any leakages and also praised how easy they were to use. The little animal pictures went down a treat with kids, too.

Aly, mum of 1, added, “A really good value for money product. The nappies are generous in terms of room, not too tight or loose and protect my baby all through the night. Simple, colourful design, soft and causes no irritation or rash.”

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Peace of mind

If you’re looking for big innovation at a little price, you really can’t go wrong with Lidl’s Lupilu nappy range. Its Magical Tube® technology, which consists of 3 absorbent channels in the core, offers your little one a long-lasting feeling of dryness, while sizes 1 and 2 also feature a wetness indicator that changes colour when your baby needs changing. It’s these thoughtful details that offered MadeForMums’ home testers real peace of mind.

Other handy features include overlapping close tabs for optimal fit – even for the smallest baby – and a navel-friendly recess for newborn babies that provides a secure fit that’s also gentle on your little one’s skin.


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