Safety is a key consideration when it comes to choosing the right car seat for your baby or child, and it’s something Swedish car seat brand Axkid is passionate about. The brand’s latest launch, the Axkid ONE 2 offers rear-facing travel up to the age of 7 years, thanks to its sliding seat technology.


Rear-facing car seats distribute crash forces over a larger area than a forward-facing seat, reducing the forces imposed on the neck. Children’s neck muscles are not fully developed, so protecting them as much as possible helps to reduce the risk of serious injury.

With side impact protection and protective frame technology, the Axkid ONE 2 complies to the most up to date R-129 safety standard and has passed the Swedish Plus Test – a voluntary high level car seat safety test that uses higher speeds and shorter braking distances.

The Axkid ONE 2 is suitable from birth (with an additional cushion) to 125 cm/23kg, which is approximately 7 years old. Our MadeForMums parent testers put the Axkid ONE 2 car seat through its paces, testing it out on long and short car journeys with babies as young as 7 months old, right up to 5-year-olds.

The verdict? Thumbs up all round for safety, comfort and offering extended rear-facing travel for as long as possible.

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“I just love how many fantastic features it has”

The Axkid ONE 2 car seat

“There are so many wonderful features that stood out massively for us as a family, from the ventilation on the fabric (for a cool journey) to the audio sound informing us that the car seat was positioned tightly and securely enough. This was really helpful to let me know the Axkid ONE 2 was correctly fitted. These extra features make me feel reassured using this car seat and made it stand out.”
Jessica, mum of an 18 month old

No matter the space of the legroom she was very comfortable.

The Axkid ONE 2 car seat

“The fabric feels soft and high quality, and the adjustable head rest is super supportive and comfortable. We tested the seat using the different legroom adjustments and Poppy always found a comfortable position for her legs in any of the settings. It’s great that you can sit the seat upright as your child gets older, meaning they’re comfy and get a great view out of the window too.”
Bryony, mum of a 3 and a half year old

“The fact that the Axkid ONE 2 passes the Swedish Plus Test is brilliant”

The Axkid ONE 2 car seat

“The Swedish Plus Test absolutely stands out to me, as this is seen to be one of the highest tests for car seats and it would make me choose that car seat over other brands. Sweden has an excellent safety record, so the fact that Axkid is a Swedish brand really appeals. When buying a car seat, I always look at the safety scores and want the best I can afford for my children. I would always choose an i-Size seat and this one impresses.”
Sarah, mum of a 5 year old

“It’s very, very easy to install”

The Axkid ONE 2 car seat

“The installation is outstanding, with the car seat pretty much ready to go from the box into your car. There’s a video clip which explains everything you need to know and the labelling on the seat makes it so intuitive to adjust. It’s the most straightforward car seat we’ve ever installed and the whole family was impressed with how easy it was to move the Axkid ONE 2 from one car to another in just a few minutes.”
Julie, mum of a 2 year old

“I like to be safe and Mummy says my new car seat is safe”

The Axkid ONE 2 car seat

“My new seat is really comfy, and I like that I can rest my feet as I hate pins and needles – in this seat I don’t get them. I can see out of the window and talk to my sister, and I really like facing backwards because I don’t get sick. I like this one better than my old car seat and I want to use it forever.”
Child tester Samuel, 5

“I like that it’s suitable for such a large age range of children”

The Axkid ONE 2 car seat

“The seat is a great size and is suitable to use with a newborn – with the extra cushion – up to around 7 years. It’s an investment for sure, but with children you want to ensure their safety and the Axkid ONE 2 car seat can do that for you. It’s the only car seat you’ll need over such a long period of time that I think it’s worth the money to keep them safe.”
Catherine, mum of a 7 month old and 4 year old

“Extended rear-facing gives peace of mind”

The Axkid ONE 2 car seat

“I didn’t know about the safety aspect of extended rear-facing with my daughter, but with my son I have done some research due to the amount of time we spend in the car and feel it is so important to protect their soft bones and vital organs in the event of any accident. As we travel long distances frequently, it gives me reassurance to know my child is in a seat that is tested to the highest standards.”
Chloe, mum of a 15 month old


Find out more about the Axkid ONE 2 at Axkid