If you’re looking to introduce your child to coding, Coding Critters® MagiCoders encourage imaginative play and critical thinking, offering a fun and educational way to learn STEM skills from an early age.


Coding Critters MagiCoders, suitable for kids age 4 +, feature a toy robot; either Skye the Unicorn or Blazer the Dragon. These screen free coding toys allow kids to use a “spell book”, filled with wonderful spells (which are actually coding programmes) that allow their robot to perform amazing actions. With a wave of the wand, you can make Blazer or Skye light up, sing, dance and more!

We put the toys to the test using our panel of parent and child testers. They confirmed these fantastic little toy robots are a brilliant way to capture your child’s attention and spark their imagination, whilst taking them on a STEM learning adventure. This is why the Coding Critters MagiCoders have won our MadeForMums Parent Approved badge.

We asked our families to test out the Coding Critters MagiCoders and share their honest reviews and feedback. With 100% of the families recommending them, discover what our testers loved so much about the Skye the Unicorn and Blazer the Dragon.

“I didn't expect the Coding Critters to be as fun as it is”

Learning Resources Coding Critters tested by Aurora, 4

“We loved trying out all the different spells, and we especially loved the dance party and getting Skye to chase the ball around the room. Aurora said ‘I like the dancing bit the best and when she dances and sings because it's funny and she keeps bumping into things!’ Aurora picked up really quickly how to copy the spells from the book, it all feels very intuitive. The next morning, Aurora got Skye out again and was doing the spells without using the book and has enjoyed playing with her independently, such as getting Skye to have her snack whilst she's having hers!

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I think this toy is a lovely introduction to coding; it's educational without feeling like it and is a good, fun way of incorporating sequencing into play. It's even physical as she has loved dancing around the room with Skye when does her dance party!”
Leila, mum of Aurora, 4.5 years (above)

“It encourages logical thinking, an understanding of patterns, sequences and consequences”

“Mia had a fantastic time playing with Skye! At first I talked her through it, but by the end of the spell book she was 'reading' the spells and creating her own courses to code. We spent about an hour on the spell book and then she showed her Daddy for another half hour and played independently for the rest of the morning. The following day it went to her Grandparent's house to 'trick' them with the magic, which she loved. I think this toy is a brilliant introduction to coding. It was very accessible and very enjoyable even for the adults playing.”

Mia said, “This toy is really cool, I love her! I like the lights and party spell.”
Katy, Mum of Mia, 5 years (above)

“The simple coding method is easy for children to understand”

Learning Resources Coding Critters tested by Jacob, 5

“The little wand is great for little hands and easy for them to hold and press the arrows. Jacob first used the wand in the code mode, and quickly grasped that the arrows moved the dragon in whichever direction he pressed. He simply and easily followed the codes in the book and entered them into the wand and we were so impressed with how the wand worked and he absolutely loved making the dragon follow the ball, sing happy birthday, make Blazer sing by waving his hand in front of him, and make his horn rumble.”

Jacob said, “My favourite thing about this toy is casting my spells. My favourite spell is Blazer’s birthday song and it’s funny when Blazer tries to chase his own tail! I really like the sling and fireballs and using it to shoot it at the different things.”
Liey, Mum of Jacob, 5 years (above)

“I could see him beginning to think and try to problem solve”

Learning Resources Coding Critters tested by Dhruv, 4

“I wondered how my son would react to the toy and would it keep him entertained, as he has a short attention span. It was joint involvement from start to finish, and we enjoyed putting it together. Dhruv began to follow the sequences himself. He used the codes and loved the outcome and he played for 45 minutes. Dhruv said Oh wow! Blazer dragon is fun. He's moving mum, did I do that?

Fun and educational, it provided stimulation for my son and I could see him beginning to think and try to problem solve. It encouraged imagination and creativity. It does require adult involvement and I loved the idea of him being introduced to STEM and learning basic coding. I’m glad MagiCoders does not require input from a mobile or tablet which was a bonus.”
Beejal, Mum of Dhruv, 4 years (above)

“Even though I was learning it just felt like I was playing”

Learning Resources Coding Critters tested by India Che, 5

“My daughter LOVED it!! She got so excited when she was able to get the unicorn to do something correctly.

Once our daughter finished with the spell book, she then decided to set out the accessories and to think about a code to get the unicorn to go to the accessory. It took her several attempts, but the visual code cards are fantastic at helping them see what they want the unicorn to do.”

India-Ché said, “I like everything, I liked when I did the spell and it was flying, I like the ball that came with it and I found it funny when the unicorn would play with the ball.”
Michaela, Mum of India-Ché, 5 years (above)

“Quality time playing together”

Learning Resources Coding Critters tested by Arlo, 5

“I loved that it feels like an educational toy which we could have some quality time with playing together. It really impressed me how quickly Arlo learnt sequencing, the steps needed to get to a certain place and how logical he is. I just had to keep reminding him to press the ‘fire’ button to execute.

It gives kids a great introduction to coding but also sequences, patterns and thinking logically. We developed our own games of how to get to x position and what sequence we would need to get that far.”

Arlo said,It is really good and I really like the dragon. I like the way I can play and make him do things but also do magic tricks.”
Katie, Mum of Arlo, 5 years (above)

“The use of a story book to introduce how to code is a great idea”

Learning Resources Coding Critters tested by Nikodem, 4

“Blazer the Dragon is a really great educational tool as it teaches young children how to code through play without any complicated instructions or previous understanding of coding. The whole set is brilliantly designed with brightly coloured parts, a brilliant intro story book and the scope to be played with, without any parental input once a basic understanding of coding is gained.

It is certainly a great way to introduce young children to coding without confusing them with over complicated instructions. The use of a story book to introduce how to code it yourself is a great idea as once they have seen what the wand can do, they are really excited to then programme the dragon themselves.”

Niko said, “I really like it because it can move but most of all because it’s a dragon.”
Hayley, Mum of Nikodem, 4 years (above)

“10/10 for fun”

Learning Resources Coding Critters tested by Annabel, 5

“Not only is it fun, but it is also educational in a multitude of ways and meets STEM criteria. It is fabulous for demonstrating action and reaction and it allows children to let their imagination lead them and incorporate the Coding Critter into their play activities. There is plenty to learn and longevity in the toy. The whole family has got involved with playing with Skye and we have had family competitions to whom can complete the best sequence of moves, dodge the obstacles and set up the best moves using the direction sequence cards.”

Annabelle said, ”I love the colours and that it’s a unicorn and that I can carry it about and set it up on my own.”
Laura, Mum of Annabelle, 5 years (above)


You can buy Coding Critters MagiCoders for £52.50 at Learning Resources