Purflo was started by concerned new parents who wanted to create cleaner, healthier sleeping habits for babies. The brand has been making safe, breathable, and award-winning baby sleep products for more than 25 years.


Each item in the range is designed by experts who conduct extensive consumer research and use hypoallergenic materials to create products parents can count on. That includes its baby sleep and swaddle bags, which have just scooped Gold at the MadeForMums Awards 2023.

Sleep and swaddle bags provide a safe way to keep your baby or toddler warm and cosy while they sleep – unlike blankets they can’t move up or be kicked off while your child sleeps. Swaddle bags are designed for newborns, who can benefit from being swaddled in the early weeks or months of their life. Sleep bags are the preferred choice once your baby is able to roll, or if they simply want more freedom to move their arms.

Purflo Swaddle To Sleep Bag, 0.5 Tog - Storybook

As well as being loved by MadeForMums and our parent testers, Purflo also has the backing of Dr Carly Fertleman (better known as simply Dr Carly), a Consultant Paediatrician at Whittington Health for the last 17 years and author of 7 best-selling parenting books. This partnership combines Dr Carly’s expert knowledge with Purflo’s heritage, to give parents clear and scientifically proven guidance around infant sleep, while also offering solutions that fit with a modern lifestyle.

Discover more about these iconic products and discover why they’ve received both MadeForMums’ and Dr Carly’s seal of approval.

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Purflo Baby Sleep Bag, from £30

Baby Sleep Bag in grey

With breathable mesh panels and removable sleeves, this sleep bag comes in 3 sizes – including an option for older toddlers – and is designed to be used in a range of temperatures, from a chilly 40° degrees to a balmy 22° degrees. You can choose from different Tog ratings depending on the time of year and average room temperature. Most families find a 2.5 Tog bag is suitable for most of the year in the UK. The lighter 0.5 Tog option is perfect if we’re hit with another heatwave.

“I recommend Purflo Baby Sleep Bags as they are the only ones with breathable panels in sensitive heat spots to allow maximum airflow around the core, the back of the neck and under the arms,” explains Dr Carly. “In cold temperatures, the optional sleeves provide a safe solution to keep baby warm without using loose sheets and blankets or overheating the room.”

Purflo Swaddle To Sleep Bag, 0.5 Tog - Storybook

Another USP is the travel-friendly design, which allows a 5-point harness to be threaded through the bag, and the two-way zip for quick access. Parent tester Scarlet, who tested this with her 5 month old, was really impressed, saying: “The product was easy to use, stylish, secure, comfortable and safe for sleep. The most useful feature for us was the zip function at the front of the bag, which made nappy changes quick and stress free!”

Parent tester Megan, who tested this with her 19 month old, also appreciates Purflo’s thoughtful details: “The packaging was great. I loved the sleeping/temperatures guide you could cut out and hang on the bedroom door for future use. Plus, the print on the baby sleep bag is nice and relatively neutral, so reusing it for multiple children would be an option.”

Buy the 2.5 Tog Baby Sleep Bag 2.5 from £39 or the 0.5 Tog Baby Sleep Bag from £30 at Purflo

Purflo Swaddle to Sleep Bag, £29

Purflo Swaddle To Sleep Bag, 0.5 Tog - Storybook

Another Gold winner at this year’s MadeForMums Awards, the Swaddle to Sleep Bag is suitable from birth to around 4 months old. Along with being beautifully soft, it converts from a swaddle, which can be used with arms in or out, to a baby sleep bag, with poppers to take in or let out the length, and arm holes to extend longevity and give you more options when your child begins to roll.

“Swaddling a baby helps to overcome the normal Moro reflex, which can startle a baby awake,” says Dr Carly. “The Swaddle to Sleep enables parents to swaddle their baby quickly and easily in a safe way, which keeps arms tight but allows their legs and hips to splay in a hip-healthy position. The breathable panels prevent overheating, which can increase the risk of Sudden Unexplained Death in Infants (SIDS).”

Purflo Swaddle To Sleep Bag, 0.5 Tog -Storybook

Parent tester Nin, who tested this on her 2 month old, praises it: “I love the quality and the design of the sleep bag. Unlike many others, this one doesn’t feel thick or heavy, even though its 2.5 tog.”

Parent tester Sarah, meanwhile, tested this with her 2 week old and is a big fan of the hip-friendly leg design, which helps reduce the risk of hip dysplasia. She says: “It fits my son perfectly. It’s not too tight around the neck, but tight enough that the material doesn’t ride up and is a good fit around the hips and legs.”


Buy the 2.5 Tog Swaddle to Sleep Bag for £29 or the 0.5 Tog Swaddle to Sleep Bag for £29 at Purflo