When it comes to everyday essentials such as nappies and wet wipes, our parent testers offered invaluable feedback. In putting these products to the test – for some on an hourly basis – our home testers were able to really shed some light on the effectiveness of products in this category.


Nappies were tested through all hours of the day and night, with testers reporting on absorbency and/or tendency to leak. Practical features such as ease of use and comfort for baby were also key to the testing criteria, and of course we wanted to know if they were worth the money. Wipes were tested for a multitude of uses: from dirty nappy changes to wiping mucky hands and faces, our judges truly tested each wipe to the limit.

Meanwhile, judges and home testers also carefully considered the design and style of products such as changing bags, examining features that would help make life that little bit easier when tackling a change while out and about. Older toddlers helped us to test out potty training must-haves, and eco-conscious families put reusable nappies and biodegradable wipes through their paces.

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Changing accessories
Baby wipes
Potty training

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Newborn/Infant nappies - sizes 1 & 2

Key features we tested/judged – Absorption, comfort, fit, effectiveness, ease of use and worth the money

Joint Gold – Mamia Ultra-Dry Newborn Nappies Size 1, 79p

Gold- Mamia Ultra-Dry Newborn Size 1 Nappies
They’re a budget buy, with the quality of a premium brand
– tester Andrea, mum of 1

Why it’s a winner: At just 79p per pack, these newborn nappies from Aldi offer excellent value for money without compromising on quality. Thanks to the ‘Ultra-Dry Air System’, any liquid is quickly absorbed and evenly distributed to prevent sagging. The stretchy sides allow for a snug fit and tester Robyn, mum of 2, reported no leaks when using them with her baby. Clever details like the cord-friendly cut-out shape (helping to care for your newborn’s umbilical cord) also add to making these a comfy fit for your new baby.

In the words of tester Andrea, mum of 1: “The nappy size was perfect for my newborn and they fit really well, with no surprise leaks or accidents. When wet, the nappies felt dry so there was no irritation for my little one too.”

Buy from: Aldi

Joint Gold – Pampers New Baby Size 1, from £3

Pampers New Baby nappies
They are very soft and offered great protection for my baby's bottom
– tester Fiona, mum of 2

Why it’s a winner: With a quick-drying core and soft top layer, as well as approval by the British Skin Foundation, Pampers’ New Baby nappies ensure your baby’s sensitive skin is kept dry and free of irritation. “My baby boy had no issues with nappy rash while using them,” commented tester Claire mum of 2, while tester Fiona, also a mum of 2, reported no skin reaction. Thanks to the flexible double leg cuffs, the nappies easily mould to the shape of your newborn baby and come with a navel-friendly recess to keep their umbilical cord protected too.

In the words of tester Claire, mum of 2: “My son is inclined to have big poo blowouts and this nappy is able to handle these easily, keeping his clothes clean, especially around the legs with the double leg cuffs.”

Buy from: Superdrug, Ocado and Amazon

Silver – Mamia Premium Dry Fast Nappies Size 1, 99p

Mamia Premium dry fast nappies

Why it’s a winner: Aldi’s Premium newborn nappies offer “exceptional dryness, quality and value for money”, according to one tester, and come in at just under £1 per pack. The ‘Dry Fast Technology’ locks away moisture quickly, keeping your baby’s skin fresh and dry. Our testers were big fans of the colour changing wetness indicator as well as the stretchy waistband which “makes changing time easier” by ensuring a flexible fit. A nappy that ticks a whole range of boxes, they also reported no leaks when using them with their newborns.

In the words of tester Leah, mum of 1: “They are extremely good value for money and lived up to the claims of comfort and protection as we had no leaks, nappy rashes or red marks around her legs when using them.”

Buy from: Aldi

Bronze – Lupilu Size 2 Mini Nappy, £1.79

Lupilu size 2 mini nappy

Why it’s a winner: Designed with moisture-absorbing tubes in the centre of the nappy, Lidl’s Size 2 nappies offer 8 hours of dryness, which tester Emma, mum of 4, praised. She said, “They kept baby dry, even through the night, and we didn't experience any leaks.” The nappies also have Dermatest certification, so you can be sure your newborn’s sensitive skin will stay protected by the gentle, soft materials. Our testers also found it to be a “great fitting” nappy thanks to the elasticated sides and overlapping tabs.

In the words of tester Sheena, mum of 1: “My baby is at the upper limit of the indicated weight range yet I still had no issues with leakage from the product. The nappy will absorb a huge quantity of liquid resulting in a heavy nappy but still no leaks.”

Buy from: Lidl

Shortlisted: Lupilu Size 1 Newborn Nappy

Baby nappies - sizes 3 & 4

Key features we tested/judged – Absorption, comfort, fit, effectiveness, ease of use and worth the money

Joint Gold – Mamia Ultra-Dry Nappies Size 3, £2.59

Gold- Mamia Ultra-Dry Nappies Size 3
Definitely worth the price. Makes you wonder how other more expensive brands can charge so much more
- Tester Tamsin, mum of 1

Why it’s a winner: Aldi Mamia's Ultra-Dry technology claims to provide fast absorption, and distribute liquid evenly whilst also being soft on skin. Our judges agreed these nappies did just that. They loved the feel of the material of both the nappy and its waistband. Tester Tamsin, mum of 1 said: “We had no reactions when wearing these so they seemed really gentle on his cheeks – always a plus!” Testers were able to keep these nappies on for up to twelve hours, making them a fantastic choice for those with babies who sleep through the night.

In the words of tester Christie, mum of 1: “Totally worth the money, such great value. Overall I was impressed and will be buying again!”

Buy from: Aldi

Joint Gold – Mamia Ultra-Dry Nappies Size 4, £2.59

Gold- Mamia Ultra-Dry Nappies Size 4
While using these I had no leakages at all so these were super effective
- Tester Aoife, mum of 1.

Why it’s a winner: The slim design of the Mamia Ultra-Dry Size 4 nappies was a hit with our testers, allowing for both movement and good prevention of leaks. Our judges were impressed with the attention to detail and design, especially given the low price of these nappies. Tester Rebekah, mum of 1 said: “The nappy is soft on the skin, keeping my baby's skin healthy and rash free. They are a snug fit and very secure, this allows my baby to move freely without leaking.”

In the words of tester Rebekah, mum of 1: “The nappy is very effective, lovely design, well fitted, absorbent and there's no need for too regular of a nappy change.”

Buy from: Aldi

Silver – Pampers Active Fit Size 4, £9

Silver- Pampers Active Fit

Why it’s a winner: As a more premium option in comparison to supermarket nappies, Pampers sets out to provide reliable, high-quality nappies and ensure twelve hours of full leakage protection. Our judges were impressed with both the quality and absorbency, which supports Pampers' claim that these nappies will prevent leaks. Tester Katy, mum of 1 said: “The quality is fantastic and we were so impressed how much ‘content’ these can hold – even overnight – as well as not leaving nappy rash.” Testers also loved the wetness indicator that helped monitor dryness without having to change the entire nappy.

In the words of tester Celia, mum of 1: “I feel they are worth the money not just for keeping baby dry but the look and feel. The fabric is very thin and soft and the patterns are very cool.”

Buy from: Boots, Asda and Sainsbury’s

Bronze – Lupilu Size 3 Midi Nappy, £2.59

Bronze- Lupilu Size 3 Midi Nappy

Why it’s a winner: This Size 3 Midi Nappy by Lupilu is designed to be thin and flexible, giving baby freedom of movement and added comfort. Our judges found them to be very soft and stretchy around the legs, which prevented their babies from breaking out in rashes. Tamsin, mum of 1, said "they didn’t leave red marks so I can imagine he was super comfy." They also liked the design of these nappies, more specifically the colours and characters that are more child-orientated than other supermarket brands.

In the words of tester Christie, mum of 1: “Super worth the money and such good value”.

Buy from: Lidl

Shortlisted: Lupilu Size 4+ Maxi Plus Nappy | Lupilu Size 4 Maxi Nappy | Rascal & Friends Essential Size 4 Nappies

Toddler nappies - sizes 5 & 6

Key features we tested/judged – Absorption, comfort, fit, effectiveness, ease of use and worth the money

Gold – Lupilu Size 6 Extra Large nappy, £2.59

Gold- Lupilu Size 6 Extra Large Nappy
“Keeps my son nice and dry with great absorbency and no leaks so far”
– tester Helen, mum of 1

Why it’s a winner: “Comfortable and soft”, “excellent value for money” and “worked perfectly overnight” was just some of the high praise given to Lidl’s Size 6 nappies from our testers. Designed with ‘Magical Air Tubes’, the toddler nappies absorb moisture into the core, keeping the surface in contact with their skin dry. With secure sticky tabs and flexible leg cuffs, you can be reassured they’ll be a great fit for your active toddler. Our child testers loved choosing from the fun animal designs too!

In the words of tester Natalie, mum of 2: “These seemed to hold a considerable amount of liquid and the leg cuffs seemed secure so they didn't move around on her body. We had no leaks at all and my daughter drinks a lot.”

Buy from: Lidl

Joint Silver – Mamia Ultra-Dry Nappies Size 5, £2.59

Silver- Mamia Ultra-Dry Nappies Size 5

Why it’s a winner: A strong all-rounder when it comes to toddler nappies, our parent testers said these were just as good as other branded options they’d previously used. Tester Laura, mum of 2, called them her “go to daytime nappy”, with a slim but secure design that’s ideal for wriggly toddlers. They’ve been designed with Aldi’s ‘Ultra-Dry Air System’, which distributes liquid throughout the nappy to prevent sagging. We also like that they have been dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, so you can feel reassured your toddler’s skin will stay protected.

In the words of tester Rachael, mum of 1: “It retained the liquid without ever feeling damp to the touch and never seemed to sag. It also stayed in place even with a toddler always on the move!”

Buy from: Aldi

Joint Silver – Lupilu Size 5+ Junior Plus nappy, £2.59


Why it’s a winner: This slim and flexible nappy is ideal for toddlers who are always on the move, with tester Eleanor, mum of 1, praising how “lightweight” and “soft” they felt. The absorbent core draws into moisture from the outer layer of the nappy, keeping your child comfortable and leak-free. The cute cartoon characters are also a lovely touch to keep toddlers engaged with nappy changing as tester Laura, mum of 2, found, “I like the seasonal designs and so did my toddler.”

In the words of tester Eleanor, mum of 1: “Excellent fit and we didn't have any leaks, even with a very active toddler at the park! It felt secure around her legs and the elasticated sides are generous and don't create red marks on her thighs (a problem that we have had with previous nappies).”

Buy from: Lidl

Bronze – Rascal & Friends Essential Size 5 Nappies 36Pk, £5

Bronze- Rascal & Friends Essential Size 5 Nappies 36Pk

Why it’s a winner: Created by a mother of 4 who wanted to make a high quality nappy that’s gentle on young skin, these nappies impressed our testers with their absorbency and comfort. They’ve been designed with a deep pocket to reduce any potential overflow and the absorbent layer is made from a soft non-woven material that disperses liquid. After using them with her toddler, tester Eleanor, mum of 1, commented, “No leaks whilst using these nappies and they contained a lot of poo!” and added they felt “very soft and lightweight.” A latex-free, fragrance-free and dermatologically tested design also means they’re gentle on sensitive skin.

In the words of tester Stacey, mum of 3: “Feels thicker than other nappies but of high quality with very soft lining. When changing, I did not find my daughter to be damp in the skin – in fact she felt very dry and the nappy had soaked all the moisture and was contained.”

Buy from: Tesco

Shortlisted: Lupilu Size 5 Junior nappy | Lupilu Size 6+ Extra Large Plus nappy

Pants style nappy

Key features we tested/judged – Absorption, comfort, fit, effectiveness, ease of use, ease of removal and worth the money

Joint Gold – Rascal & Friends Essential Size 6 Nappy Pant 32 Pack, £5

Gold- Rascal & Friends Essential Size 6 Nappy Pant 32 Pack
Very easy to use, just like you would hope from nappy pants!
– Tester Leila, mum of 1

Why it’s a winner: Created by a mum, Rascal & Friends' affordable nappies don't compromise on quality or performance. The pants really impressed our judges due to the clever elastic waist designed to prevent leaks. Tester Isidora, mum of 3 said: “Easy to pull them down and up, amazing during potty training!”. Our other testers agreed, the design makes these nappies appear much more premium than the cost would suggest.

In the words of tester Natalie mum of 2: “Everything you'd need from a nappy pant with all the features you would expect. Really easy to get on and off a wriggly toddler and the little tape on the back was handy to keep the used ones closed before putting in a nappy bag.”

Buy from: Tesco

Joint Gold – Lupilu Size 5 Junior Nappy Pant, £2.59

Gold- Lupilu Size 5 Junior Nappy Pant
Comfortable for the little one and did exactly what they should.
- Tester Joshua, dad of 4

Why it’s a winner: Lupilu’s Soft & Dry range aims to provide everyday essentials at lower prices. Featuring Magical Air Tube® technology, this nappy impressed our judges due to it’s all-day dryness, lasting a whole 12 hours without leaking. They're also easy to get on and off. Tester Lorne, mum of 2 said: “They are really reliable and make changing times, easier times! Especially someone who has a wriggly baby or one that just doesn't like being changed: these are for you!” Our testers really enjoyed the fun prints on these nappy pants too.

In the words of tester Ann-Marie, mum of 2: “ I would recommend these to anyone looking to move on from tabbed nappies.”

Buy from: Lidl

Joint Silver - Pampers Active Fit Pants Size 4, from £5.50

Silver- Pampers Active Fit Pants

Why it’s a winner: Pampers Active pants feature a 3-Way Fit system with the aim to make nappy changing that little bit easier. Our judges really liked the feel of these nappy pants: although they're more expensive, they were softer than other supermarket brands and have all the premium details you'd expect, like soft and stretchy side seams that are easily ripped open for quick removal, and a sticky tab to roll them up ready for disposal. Tester Alice, mum of 1 said: “We have not had any leaks with these and my boy is happy in them. He is able to crawl and cruise in them, so they must be comfortable.” Testers noted that if softness is a priority when looking for nappy pants, these are a fantastic option.

In the words of tester Anika, mum of 3: “Good quality product that is easy to put on and take off which makes nappy changes with an active toddler a lot easier.”

Buy from: Superdrug, Boots and Ocado

Joint Silver - Lupilu Size 4 Maxi Nappy Pant, £1.65


Why it’s a winner: Boasting all the features of the Lupilu Soft and Dry range, the Maxi pant impressed our judges with its high quality and attention to detail that successfully rivalled big named competitors. Testers thought they were great value for money. Tester Rachael, mum of 1 said: “Great Nappy pant. I would consider buying these over branded nappies in the future.”

In the words of tester Aaysha, mum of 1: “The nappies are very competitively priced and offer great value for money compared to other brands.”

Buy from: Lidl

Bronze - Lupilu Size 6 Extra Large Nappy Pant, £1.65

Bronze- Lupilu Size 6 Extra Large Nappy Pant

Why it’s a winner: Similar to its sister sizes, the Lupilu range excels in affordability which was one of the key features our judges loved with these nappy pants. Our testers were impressed with it’s long lasting dryness too, which Lidl says should last up to 12 hours. Tester Jessica, mum of 2 said: “They didn’t leak at all even after a night wriggling around in bed. My son found them to be very comfortable and they didn’t leave him with marks or soreness.” Our testers thought this was great as a basic nappy.

In the words of tester Han, mum of 1: “Makes my life so much easier and I am really impressed with the effectiveness of these nappies and the high quality.”

Buy from: Lidl

Shortlisted: Mamia Ultra-Dry Nappy Pants Size 6 | Mamia Ultra-Dry Nappy Pants Size 5

Reusable and eco-friendly nappies

Key features we tested/judged – Absorption, comfort, fit, effectiveness, ease of use and worth the money

Joint Gold– Mama Bamboo eco nappies size 3, £9.50 for a pack of 4

Mama Bamboo eco nappies
So simple to use with great absorbency and they lasted all night
– tester Steffi-Louise, mum of 3

Why it’s a winner: Our testers rated Mama Bamboo’s eco nappies highly for their excellent absorption and super softness, which comes from the 100% bamboo fibre composition. This also makes them kind to your baby’s skin thanks to the naturally antibacterial and breathable properties of bamboo as tester Katy, mum of 1 found. She said, “The natural materials seemed to have a positive impact on my daughter’s skin with no rashes or redness unlike with other disposables.” They also boast some solid eco credentials including 100% compostable inner liners and packaging, resulting in an 80% biodegradable nappy.

In the words of tester Katy, mum of 1: “They are super soft, well made and the absorption and containment is better than any other disposable nappy brand that we have tried.”

Buy from: Mama Bamboo, Amazon and Ocado

Joint Gold – Pearl Pocket Reusable One Size Nappy from Modern Cloth Nappies, £16.95

Modern Cloth Nappies pearl pocket reusable nappies
Its “all in one” design makes it simpler to use rather than having separate parts
– tester Steffi-Louise, mum of 3

Why it’s a winner: This all-in-one nappy simplifies reusables, with a waterproof outer layer and ‘shape stay’ insert made from a mix of hemp and cotton. “The hemp core makes it super absorbent which is great as you get longer out of the nappy,” commented tester Steffi-Louise, mum of 3. Tester Katy, mum of 1, also praised the use of hemp and said “the insert is both super slim yet really absorbent.” For a super secure fit each nappy is also fitted with a double gusset and can be adjusted as your baby grows with 4 rows of poppers.

In the words of tester Katy, mum of 1: “The layer next to baby’s skin is made of a lovely soft fleece, and the double gusset was a big plus for me as it offers further leak protection. It was even able to contain a mega poo this morning!”

Buy from: Modern Cloth Nappies

Joint Silver – Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket Nappy, £18.95

Seedling baby multi-fit pocket nappies

Why it’s a winner: Right from the first wash, Seeding Baby’s Multi-fit Pocket Nappy was “extremely absorbable” commented tester Annina, mum of a 9-month-old. This is thanks to the microfibre booster, which can be used with the bamboo prefold inside the nappy to increase absorption. It’ll take you all the way from baby to toddler with 3 sets of snaps that make it simple and quick to adjust. The wide wings and crotch also make it a comfortable fit for larger babies as tester Annina found, “the fit is fantastic on my little girls wide hips.”

In the words of tester Charlotte, mum of 3: “We tried it for daytime and nighttime use. My son sleeps 12 hours, and he woke up without any leaks. It’s easy to put on and it’s earned itself top place on our nappy shelf.”

Buy from: Fill Your Pants, The Nappy Lady, The Nappy Gurus

Joint Silver – Bambino Mio mioduo two-piece nappy, £13.49

Bambino Mio mioduo two piece nappy

Why it’s a winner: As the name suggests, Bambino Mio’s mioduo is comprised of 2 parts – a water resistant nappy cover (available in a range of adorable patterns) and an absorbent 100% cotton insert – making it super simple for cloth nappies newbies to get the hang of. Our testers were impressed with the “pretty much leakproof” double gusset fit and the durability of the outer cover. “On several occasions I was able to reuse the wrap with different inserts straight after the other and that was a bonus,” commented tester Anna, mum of a 4-month-old.

In the words of tester Anna, mum of a 4-month-old: “I never had any leaks and the cotton insert really absorbs moisture well. When trialling for different periods of time from 2-4 hours it would still have more absorbency left, which is fantastic especially if you have a heavy wetter.”

Buy from:Amazon, Bambino Mio and Earthlets

Bronze – Bear Bott All In One Nappy, £23.99

Bear Bott all-in-one nappy

Why it’s a winner: Bear Bott’s innovative all-in-one makes the process of using cloth nappies “very fuss free without the need for any sorting or preparation during the laundry process,” commented tester Elle, mum of an 8-month-old. Testers remarked on the slim design, which fits neatly under clothing (even those that aren’t ‘cloth bum friendly’) and the excellent absorbency. The attached insert is made from a blend of moisture wicking microfibre and bamboo, designed to keep your baby’s skin dry, and is cleverly attached to the waterproof outer layer.

In the words of tester Kimberley, mum of a 7-month-old: “With a heavy wetting little boy we struggle to find a good all-in-one that is absorbent enough and slim fitting. This nappy does exactly what it needs to and I've had no leaks with it.”

Buy from: Bear Bott, The Nappy Lady, The Nappy Gurus

Shortlisted: Duo Pocket Reusable One Size Nappy by Modern Cloth Nappies


Nappy changing accessory

Key features we tested/judged – Worth the money, effectiveness, ease of use, quality of product

Gold - Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow Nappy Change Cream, £9.50 for 50ml

Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow Nappy Change Cream
It helped clear up the bit of redness my baby had after just one use
Tester Raheema, mum of an 8-month-old

Why it’s a winner: Suitable for sensitive/eczema-prone skin, our testers loved how gentle this nappy cream was on particularly delicate skin – and more importantly, that it successfully cleared up nappy rash overnight. This is thanks to the addition of soothing white mallow and pansy extract, as well as nourishing coconut oil. They also praised the lack of waste, commenting on how a little cream went a long way while also adding that it was easy to open and apply. Being scent-free was also a bonus for our families – especially when you're dealing with extra sensitive skin.

In the words of tester Rachel, mum of a 5-month-old baby: “I used it on my baby who has sensitive skin and there was no reaction. I applied it to sore folds on tops of thighs and bottom after changing and by the next change all redness was completely gone. The cream spread far with just a little amount and there is no scent to it.”

Buy from: Holland and Barrett, Boots and Weleda

Silver - Nimble Nappy Lover Cloth Nappy Detergent, £6.99

Nimble Nappy Lover Cloth Nappy Detergent

Why it’s a winner: With so many families making the transition from disposable to cloth nappies, Nimble has spotted and solved a common problem this can create for parents – calculating how much and what type of detergent to use when washing them. They’ve come up with their own unique detergent that uses plant-based surfactants and is free from skin-irritating fragrances, brighteners and dyes. Testers loved the eco-credentials of this product and the idea and ethos behind it. They also loved the design of the bottle, with a screw top and small opening designed to reduce spillage, and the idea of taking a more sustainable approach in their own lifestyle.

In the words of tester Annika, mum of 3: "This detergent is a fantastic idea and something I want to see become more commonplace. The bottle design is great and works well and it’s nice to see that it’s more sustainable."

Buy from: Amazon, Ocado and Nimble

Bronze - Bepanthen nappy care ointment, £7.99


Why it’s a winner: Easy to use packaging was the winning feature for this nappy care ointment. Parents loved the flip-top lid that allows the nappy cream to be opened, dispensed and closed with just one hand – a real game-changer during wriggly nappy changes when you need all the help you can get! Testers also commented on how easy it was to apply, stating that it “glided” on to their baby’s skin. Crucially, it kept babies skin soft and irritation-free by forming a breathable barrier as well as moisturising with the addition of Provitamin B5.

In the words of tester Andrea, mum of a newborn: “This ointment is super easy to use. I love that it has a flip-top lid as you can easily use it with one hand. It’s super smooth and easy to apply and is obviously soothing for my little boy as he didn’t cry when I applied it.”

Buy from: Superdrug, Amazon and Ocado

Shortlisted: Babymoov NomadCare Travel Changing Mat/organiser | Little Butterfly London soft as moonlight nappy change cream

Changing bags

Key features we tested/judged –Worth the money, effectiveness, ease of use, quality of product, design and attractiveness

Gold – Chic Vegan Leather Unisex Change Bag by Baby Uma, £44.99

Gold- Chic Vegan Leather Unisex Change Bag by Baby Uma
The bag is incredibly spacious and allows for good organisation of all the items that babies seem to require upon leaving the house.
- Tester Jenni mum of 1

Why it’s a winner: Doubling as a regular backpack, travel and gym bag Baby Uma has set out to create a versatile bag to use throughout the baby years and beyond. Our judges were impressed by the practicality of this bag which comprises 12 compartments. Tester Jenni, mum of 1 said: “The pockets are well thought out to give even the most exhausted of new parents a chance of finding what they're looking for quickly and easily.” The design even features insulated pockets to help keep bottled milk at a suitable temperature.

In the words of tester Tracey, mum of 4: “Great bag easy to use and very smart”.

Buy from: Amazon

Silver – Bubble & Pop Baby Changing Bag, £89.95

Silver- Bubble & Pop Baby Changing Bag

Why it’s a winner: Bubble & Pop’s mission is to help mums and dads stay organised without compromising on fun and colourful design. Our judges liked the well thought out features of this bag, such as the Tentex fabric for easy cleaning and the 12 different pockets which can also be labelled. Tester Anna, mum of 1, said: “The label system is fantastic for those of us that aspire to being organised and can’t stand wasting time searching for the nappy cream in an emergency.” If you are willing to spend a little more, then our testers agreed this bag has some great qualities.

In the words of tester Sophie mum of 2: “This bag is expensive however it does seem worth the money with being practical, big & different.”

Buy from: Bubble & Pop and Amazon

Bronze – LÄSSIG Tidy Talent Backpack, £119.95

Bronze- LÄSSIG Tidy Talent Backpack

Why it’s a winner: LÄSSIG develops high quality, innovative products with a focus on both people and sustainability and the Tidy Talent backpack illustrates this perfectly - using between 12 to 20 recycled plastic bottles in its production. Our judges were impressed by the different carrying positions this bag offers as well as the amount of integrated compartments. Tester Danielle mum of 3 said: “On first glance it was easy to see the different compartments and find where I wanted to put different things. i like that the zip was so large so it was easy to access the inside of the bag when on the pram.” Our testers did note that this backpack is large so it would be good to consider the size of your pushchair basket before purchasing.

In the words of tester Kelly-Anne mum of 2 “The different compartments being labelled with symbols is a really good idea and nice touch. Being a busy mum of two, this changing bag makes me feel like I have it under control.”

Buy from: LÄSSIG

Changing mats

Key features we tested/judged – Worth the money, effectiveness, ease of use and quality of product

Gold – Mama Shack Anti-Roll Jungle Print Changing Mat, £28

Mama Shack Anti Roll Jungle Print Changing Mat Gold Award 2021
Simple to use, a good size and made to a high standard
Tester Salma, mum of 2-month-old baby

Why it’s a winner: With its bold, modern prints and supportive, wipe-clean surface, this changing mat ticked all the boxes for our parents. Testers praised the thick, robust, nursery-grade foam used in the base and the anti-roll design that keeps baby in one place during tricky changes. Mums also reported using it not just as a change mat but also as a tummy time surface and as extra padding under a play gym – making it great value for money too.

In the words of tester Vicky, mum of 1: “I am really happy with this changing mat; it looks good and is comfortable for my baby. It stops him rolling and it cleans well. It’s definitely something that I would recommend.”

Buy from: Natural Baby Shower, Mama Shack and Baba Of Mine

Silver - BabyDam SuperSnug ChangeMat, £23.99

BabyDam Super Snug Change Mat

Why it’s a winner: This ever so slightly sloping changing mat was hailed as a great buy for parents of babies, with one mum finding the gentle elevation helpful for her colicky baby. Testers praised the “chunky, cosy” design, eye-catching prints and the high sides that help keep wriggly babies (and even toddlers) secure during use. The high-quality look and luxurious feel of the product also stood out to our testers.

In the words of tester Daniella, a mum of 2 with a toddler and 9-week-old daughter: “Even my toddler likes his nappy changed on it - just the same as my newborn daughter does.”

Buy from: Amazon and BabyDam

Bronze - Bambino Mio change mat, £12.99

Bambino Mio Change Mat Bronze Award 2021

Why it’s a winner: Price, size and portability were all winning features for this fold-up mat that is small enough to drop into a handbag or pouch. “Durable”, “soft” and “comfortable” are all words our testers used to describe this mat which also garnered favour for its fun, bright patterns (you can buy it in multiple prints to match the Bambino Mio reusable nappy range) and its eco credentials. It is fully machine washable which was a real plus point for our parents.

In the words of tester Fola, pregnant mum of 1: “I would recommend it to anyone who just uses a normal handbag rather than a specific change bag – it's cheap enough to purchase on its own and compact enough to fit into most handbags.”

Buy from: Amazon, Bambino Mio and The Washable Nappy Company


Wet wipes

Key features we tested/judged – Effectiveness, ease of use, quality of product, effect on skin, scent, worth the money

Joint Gold – Mamia Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes, 55p

Gold- Mamia Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes
These are perfect for babies especially babies with sensitive skin
- Tester Hailey, mum of 6

Why it’s a winner: Aldi Mamia sensitive wipes have been developed for newborns, babies and children with extra delicate skin, including eczema. Our judges loved the packaging, and how easy it was to remove individual wipes. Tester Rachael, mum of 3 said: “With a lot of other wipes, when you pull one wipe out the whole packet comes with it. These wipes are a lot better, meaning they don't all get wasted.” Our testers agreed that the price reflected great value for money too.

In the words of tester Anne-Marie mum of 1 “All in all a great product for a brilliant price!”

Buy from: Aldi

Joint Gold – Lupilu Newborn Baby Wipes, 55p

Gold- Lupilu Newborn Baby Wipes
These wipes are a must for anybody packing their hospital bag, and a must-have newborn essential.
- Tester Hailey mum of 6

Why it’s a winner: Lupilu Newborn wipes contain no fragrance and are PH-balanced to help soothe and cleanse sensitive skin. Our judges were impressed with the quality of these wipes, especially given the inexpensive price tag. Tester Hailey mum of 6 said: “Each sheet is thick, strong and fantastic quality in fact more so than much more expensive brands.” Our testers loved the wetness of these wipes but noted that it can leave a soapy lather, so don't go overboard on small clean-ups!

In the words of tester Trudy mum of 4 “This product was absolutely fantastic and what a wonderful design and price! Everything about it is great for parents.”

Buy from: Lidl

Silver – Pampers Pure Coconut Wipes, from £2

Silver- Pampers Pure Coconut Wipes

Why it’s a winner: Made from 100% plant based fibres and biodegradable when composted, these wipes are infused with coconut oil which soothes and moisturises. Our judges liked the texture and smell of these wipes as well as how soft they left the skin after use. Tester Princess, mum of 2, said: “ I used these a few times for top and tail and it made the whole process a lot quicker, the added oil meant that I didn't have to moisturise my baby's face afterwards.” Our testers agreed that the high quality reflected the higher price point of these wipes.

In the words of tester Kerry mum of 1: “I think these are amazing and well worth the price as they're good quality.”

Buy from: Ocado and Boots

Bronze – Mamia Toddler Toilet Wipes, 55p

Bronze- Mamia Toddler Toilet Wipes

Why it’s a winner: Achieving Fine to Flush accreditation, these wipes are safe to dispose of down the toilet after use, making them perfect for on-the-go potty training. Our judges were impressed with the great opportunity it offers parents as a helpful potty changing essential. Tester Amy mum of 2 said: “The fact that I can flush these wipes has made my life so much easier and means I can now flush the entire contents of the potty!” Even better, these great value wipes are also soft on the toddler's skin.

In the words of tester Chloe mum of 2 “Overall these toddler toilet wipes take the crown for me. They are easy to carry around, of amazing quality and are stylish!”

Buy from: Aldi

Shortlisted: The Cheeky Panda biodegradable bamboo baby wipes | Mamia Fragranced Baby Wipes | Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes

Biodegradable Wet Wipes

Key Features we tested/judged – Effectiveness, ease of use, quality of product, effect on skin, eco credentials, worth the money

Joint Gold – Mamia Biodegradable Baby Wipes, 65p

Gold- Mamia Biodegradable Baby Wipes
The quality is excellent and better than some of the other well-known more expensive brands!
- Tester Alex mum of 1.

Why it’s a winner: Formulated with 99.5% naturally derived ingredients, Aldi’s Mamia biodegradable wipes are free from plastic fibres and entirely sustainable. Our judges loved the quality of these wipes, especially given the low price point. Tester Alex, mum of 1, said: “My two biggest issues with wipes are when they don’t separate properly or have too much moisture and can then irritate my son’s skin. These wipes don’t have either of these issues and with the added bonus of being biodegradable”

In the words of tester Gemma mum of 1: “I really like that Aldi has focussed on eco products and made them available at a truly affordable price tag.”

Buy from: Aldi

Joint Gold – The Cheeky Panda biodegradable bamboo baby wipes, £2.99

Gold- The Cheeky Panda Biodegradable Bamboo Baby Wipes
Good quality wipes! I love that they are sustainable and biodegradable so great for the planet.
- Tester Megan mum of 1.

Why it’s a winner: The Cheeky Panda is on a mission to be entirely plastic-free in the next few years whilst still offering maximum convenience to families, and their biodegradable bamboo wipes are definitely worth considering if you're making the move to more sustainable living. Our judges were impressed by the luxurious feel of these wipes. Compared to other eco-friendly brands, these are very thick and hydrating. Tester Kirsty mum of 1 said: “The wipes are fantastic when compared to other biodegradable wipes. The quality of material is superior and the wipes are gentle and great for my baby’s sensitive skin.”

In the words of tester Louise mum of 2 “Good quality. Didn’t tear when using or pulling out of the packet. Easy to wipe down surfaces, clothes and baby.”

Buy from: The Cheeky Panda Boots and Ocado

Silver – Jackson Reece, Kinder by Nature Plant-Based wipes, £2

Silver- Jackson Reece, Kinder by Nature Plant-Based Wipes

Why it’s a winner: Jackson Reece started as a family run business, pledging to create a more natural formulation that's kinder on the skin and the planet. They have been working hard to create a 100% recyclable alternative to traditional baby wipes. Our judges loved that the Kinder by Nature wipes compost so quickly. Tester Ann mum of 2 said: ”The fact that they biodegrade after only 60 days is such a strong selling point for me as baby wipes are one of the biggest sewer pollutants!”. However testers noted that the aloe vera and chamomile ingredients can leave skin more fragranced than other brands of wipes, so this is worth bearing in mind if you prefer an unscented product.

In the words of tester Micaela mum of 1 “Good wipes, thick, gentle, nice scent, loving the fact are 100% recyclable!”

Buy from: Ocado Jackson Reece and Huggle

Joint Bronze – Kandoo Sensitive Toddler Wipes, £2.45

Bronze- Kandoo Sensitive Toddler Wipes

Why it’s a winner: Made from 100% plant-based material, Kandoo toddler wipes are biodegradable in water, plus they’re sensitive on skin so perfect for babies and toddlers with all skin types. Our judges praised the subtle fragrance of these wipes, tester Caroline mum of 2 said: “Great thick wipes which do not disintegrate in your hands when using them. A good size, and scent-free which I prefer, I find scented one are too strong and sickly.” Testers liked the smaller sizing of these wipes and consequently found they flushed easier.

In the words of tester Louise mum of 2 “They’re very handy to have for little ones wanting to be fully independent when toileting.”

Buy from: Ocado

Joint Bronze – Pura baby wipes, from £1.82 per pack

Bronze- Pura Baby Wipes

Why it’s a winner: Pura has set out to create 100% plastic free, compostable and biodegradable wipes to help fight environmental challenges faced by disposable wipes. Each Pura wipe contains 99% water and organic aloe vera, which our judges loved as this left skin feeling clean, soft and moisturised. Tester Carmen mum of 2 said: “The wipes were the perfect moisture not too wet or dry. I found myself using fewer wipes when changing my baby's dirty nappy as they are very effective at cleaning.” Our testers agreed the texture was not as good as some others and they are a more premium offering, but this is the price you pay for a product that is truly flushable, and friendly to the environment.

In the words of tester Charlotte mum of 3 “For the flushable, environmentally friendly aspect, the cost is very reasonable!”

Buy from: Pura

Shortlisted: Kandoo Melon Toddler Wipes | Lupilu Biodegradable Pure Water Wipes | Aqua Wipes | Kandoo Aquas Flushable Wipes | Rascal & Friends Sensitive Baby Wipes |


Key features we tested/judged – Worth the money, portable, easy to use, duality, ergonomic design, style.

Gold – Venture Pote Plus Disposable Travel Potty Liners, £11.95

Venture pote plus travel potty liners
Brilliant product that we will buy again
– Katie, mum of 2

Why it’s a winner: Offering parents a low-cost alternative to branded disposable liners, Venture Pote Plus Disposable Travel Potty Liners are compatible with most travel potty brands. Katie, mum of 2, has been using them for both her 2-year-old who’s potty training and also for her 6-year-old on long trips or at parks with no toilets. She found the liners effective and easy to put on and take off the potty. Katie described the liners as “very good quality” and added that they “fit the potty very well”.

In the words of tester Katie, mum of 2: “An amazing product that does exactly what it says it does. I have already recommended them to a few other mummy friends. As stylish as it can be for a potty liner, but perhaps they could have popular characters on them.”

Buy from: Venture UK and Amazon

Silver – Pottiagogo Travel Potty, £14.99

Pottiagogo Travel potty

Why it’s a winner: Offering good value for money, the Pottiagogo Travel Potty was scored highly by our testers as it is practical, folds compactly and is easy to set up. Petya, mum of 2, commented: “The potty is excellent as it’s modern, comfortable and very easy to carry around. It is the perfect size – not too big or small.” Our testers liked how sturdy the potty felt when assembled due to the safety lock, but felt that the seat needed a raised front and back for better positioning when in use.

In the words of tester Graham, dad of 2: “It was easy for my children to sit on it and seemed comfy enough for them. While it has a sleek design, it lacks the raised front and back found on standard potties. This meant the twins were sitting on it in all four directions, which lead to a few accidents.”

Buy from: Pottiagogo, Amazon and Asda

Bronze – Bumbo Step 'n' Potty, from £39.99

Bumbo step 'n' potty

Why it’s a winner: With a much higher price-tag than other potties, what makes the Bumbo Step 'n' Potty stand out is its comfortable padded seat. It also impressed our testers due to the fact it can be used as a potty, toilet trainer and step, giving it longevity compared to cheaper brands. Sian, mum of a 2-year-old, said: “My toddler seems so comfortable and relaxed using the potty. She easily sits on it and, as it has rubber on the bottom, it doesn’t move around, which gave her confidence.

In the words of tester Sian, mum of 2: “The product is perfect for potty training, as the seat is super comfortable and when a child transitions to using the toilet you are also able to take the seat and put it on the toilet. It is quite easy and simple to change it from potty to step and the potty seat can also be stored in it, which is a plus.”


Buy from: Bumbo, Kidly and Amazon

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