There was no napping on the job for our judges as they worked their way through the best sleeping and nursery products on the market. With the help of their children, our home testers tried out everything from cots and bedside cribs to baby monitors and mattresses. This offered fantastic insight into how these products fared in everyday family life.


During our editorial judging, we also conducted further in-house tests on certain key products. Knowing the importance of sleeping safely, we thoroughly investigated each entry in our cribs category, for example, measuring a range of criteria such as mattress firmness and breathability, maximum tilting angle and noise levels when dropping the side down. We also made sure each one met the requirements of the latest safety standard (BS EN 1130:2019).

Portable sleepers were similarly scrutinised, as we looked at how firm and supportive the mattress would be, and how suitable the design was for safe sleeping or overnight sleeping.

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Cots, cribs & sleepers

Bedside / Co-sleeper crib

Key features we tested/judged ­– Mattress firmness, breathability (mattress breathability test), effectiveness, ease of build, drop-side functionality and safety, extra features and worth the money.

Gold ­– Chicco Next2Me Magic, £239

Gold- Chicco Next2Me Magic
The drop down front is a brilliant feature making it easy to switch between free standing and side sleeper mode.
– Zara, mum of a newborn and a 2-year-old.

Why it’s a winner: The features list of this premium crib reads like a “greatest hits” of bedside cribs. “My favourite part of the Next2Me Magic is its size, it so spacious!” said tester Zara, mum of 2. She also loved that “the whole crib can be set at different heights easily" and added, "I found this to be great as I am quite short so it meant that I could easily access my baby." It has a simple one-handed drop-down side that is easy to operate, plus a smooth rocking motion and a tilt option for reflux. The mesh sides keep it cool and allow you to see your baby, and the mattress performed really well in our tests for both firmness and breathability. Overall, this crib delivers on all its promises and definitely feels worth the money.

In the words of tester Louise, mum of a 1-month-old: “It offers a range of features including rocking, height adjustments and a bedside option. My baby loves being rocked when fussing and being able to do this in his bed rather than having to sit in the rocking chair is really handy…once he falls asleep we don't have to move him and he is settled.”

Buy from: Very, Argos and Mamas & Papas

Silver – SnuzPod4, £199.95

Silver- SnüzPod4 Bedside Crib

Why it’s a winner: The stylish SnuzPod bedside crib has been enhanced with extra breathability courtesy of its new ComfortAir system, which includes a washable mesh liner inside the crib and new design elements that help keep your baby secure even in co-sleeping mode. Tester Purvi, mum 3, described the fabrics as “lightweight and stylish.” One of its key features is the removable bassinet, which can be rocked in or out of its frame, making it great for daytime naps. There’s also a useful storage shelf, and a reflux bar for a gentle tilt. It offers a safe sleep solution for the early months of your baby’s life and looks great while doing so.

In the words of tester Mehack, mum of a newborn and a 2-year-old: “The Snuzpod4 is an excellent standalone sleeping aid as well as being perfect for night-time feeds and keeping babies close. It has definitely made my life easier as it is a decent size so will last longer than a moses basket. I can honestly say (in comparison to her moses basket) my little girl has slept so much better…and every mummy appreciates even 5 minutes extra sleep.”

Buy from: Jojo Maman Bebe, Amazon and Snuz

Joint Bronze – Chicco Next2Me Air, £189

Bronze- Chicco Next2Me Air

Why it’s a winner: We put breathability and mattress quality high on our list of priorities when it comes to testing bedside cribs, and this one definitely delivers on both, with breezy mesh sides that keep the sleep space cool but cosy. It’s also well-built with good features, with tester Gema, mum of a 1-month-old, saying “it feels strong and sturdy attached to the side of the bed, and the design features are all well thought-out.” While it doesn’t have all the same elements as it’s big sister the Next2Me Magic, it does have the same generous size (50% bigger than a moses basket), plus a zip-down side, reflux tilt and adjustable heights. Plus, it can be folded up for travel.

In the words of tester Jayne, mum of 2: “I absolutely adore this bed and would recommend it to anyone. My son had a stridor so having him slightly inclined (with GP’s okay) was a life saver. Also, having him right by me, level with my bed, made night-time breastfeeds much easier.”

Buy from: Argos, Amazon and Uber Kids

Joint Bronze ­– Kinderkraft Neste-Up, £99

Bronze- NESTE-UP Kinderkraft

Why it’s a winner: At under £100, this bedside crib offers incredible value in what can be an expensive category. The Neste-Up has all the things you need from a bedside crib, including 5 adjustable heights, a drop-down side, an optional reflux incline, and a firm mattress, but what really seemed to win over testers was the cute star-print lining. Holly, mum of 2, said, “I liked the colour and the pattern inside which my son enjoyed staring at.” Elizabeth, mum of a 5-month-old, also mentioned this, saying it “seemed to help with daytime naps.” The crib also scored well for size, with very generous proportions, although these do limit its appeal as a travel cot, even though it can be folded up for easy transportation.

In the words of tester Elizabeth, mum of a 5-month-old: “The price is impressively low, considering the quality, with some nice details – like the small but handy pocket at each end, for stowing muslins and other late-night essentials. The cot is built to last, despite being half the price of some competitors, and generously sized; even the biggest babies should be able to fit in here for at least 6 months.”

Buy from: Amazon, Pramworld and Kinderkraft

Shortlisted: The Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib | Halo BassiNest Essentia | iSafe Next to Me Bedside Baby Crib Co-sleeper

Baby cot / cot bed

Key features we tested /judged­ – Ease of build, quality of materials, design, effectiveness, sleep quality, extra features/accessories and worth the money.

Gold – Obaby Maya mini cot bed, £269.99

Gold- Obaby Maya Mini Cot Bed
It is truly a beautiful bed and my son has slept fantastically since we put it up.
-Brogan, mum of 3

Why it’s a winner: Offering all the functionality of a cotbed at the size of many normal cots, this is a space-saving style that should still see your child through to their 4th birthday. Toddler rails are included, and there’s the option to leave 3 sides up for a smooth transition from cot to bed. Our testers did point out that due to its sturdy build and solid design it still has a larger footprint than many standard cots, but it was easy to build and scored really highly for design: it looks great! Perhaps most importantly, testers also found their children slept well in it, with Jasmine, mum of 1, said “My two year old daughter absolutely loves her new bed!”

In the words of tester Brogan, mum of 3: “I do think of myself as a frugal mum always looking for a cheaper option. Having had the opportunity to try out this cotbed, the difference in quality compared to our old cot is astonishing. You really get what you pay for and since it can last up until a child is around 4 years old, I would not have been disappointed with the price.”

Buy from: Very, Baby Planet and Obaby

Silver – Babymore Luno Cot Bed, £229

Silver- Babymore Luno Cot Bed

Why it’s a winner: “The contrasting colours and plastic guard rail protector were stand out features for me,” said tester Gina, mum of 3, of this this sleek and streamlined cot. It scored highly with our testers for its design and details, with its pale oak and white colourway proving a real hit. It grows with your child and will convert to a bed when the time is right, and there’s a whole range of coordinating furniture available. Tester Laura, mum of a 9-month-old said, “It looks more expensive than it is,” while Gina described it as “solid and well made.”

In the words of Laura, mum of a 9-month-old “This is really affordable for the quality you get. As it converts to a good bed it'll see a good few years of use and I don't doubt it'll have many more years of life left in it after that. It is sturdy and looks great.”

Buy from: Amazon, Robert Dyas and Babymore

Bronze – SnuzKot Skandi Cot Bed, £349

Bronze- SnüzKot Skandi Cot Bed

Why it’s a winner: Design is at the heart of the SnuzKot, which makes a real statement in any nursery thanks to its curved edges and contrasting coloured bars. However, it’s also practical, solidly built and well thought-out. Our testers loved the stylish new slate colourway, and also raved about how it adapts into a toddler bed and beyond. Tester Lou, mum of an 11-month-old said it was “totally worth the money, for a bed that lasts through so many stages of childhood.” With the purchase of a junior extension kit, it can take your child right up to age 10. It is worth noting that the SnuzKot is a non-standard size, so you will also need to purchase a SnuzSurface mattress.

In the words of tester Margaret, mum of 3: “A good solid cotbed which is designed to have different levels for different ages of baby, from newborn to toddler. My baby is secure in the cot while asleep and the bars are close enough he can't end up with legs or arms sticking out, getting stuck or waking him up.”

Buy from: John Lewis, Natural Baby Shower and Snuz

Portable sleeper - basket, pod, carrycot

Key features we tested/judged ­– Mattress/base firmness, breathability, effectiveness, ease of build, sleep quality, extra features and worth the money.

Gold – Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed, £120

Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed
It does so much and it’s so comfy, my little one really loved it and slept so, so well in it.
– Melissa, mum of 5

Why it’s a winner: It may look like a sleep pod or nest, but it’s so much more than that. Touted as the first of its kind to be certified for unsupervised sleep from birth, this next generation portable bed can be used for sleep until your child is able to sit up. As well as a firm, flat sleeping surface, it has side walls that have been tested to the same standards for overnight sleep as carrycots. “It's been very robust when I've been washing, cleaning and moving the bed around,” said Louise, mum of a newborn and a 1-year-old.

In the words of Louise, mum of 2: “It's expensive, but you get what you pay for! It's very well-made and the material feels excellent quality. If parents have money to spare, then this should be on their list as it gives baby a safe space to sleep and most importantly gives parents peace of mind.”

Buy from: Jojo Maman Bebe, Amazon and Purflo

Silver – Chicco Baby Hug Air 4-in-1, £199


Why it’s a winner: With multiple uses – as a crib, raised recliner, first seat and high chair (with purchase of an additional “mealtime kit”) ­– this is a great option for those short on space. Although our testers felt the crib was better suited to naps than night-time sleep, it is safe for use overnight and the adjustable height options make it a good option for mums recovering from a c-section. “We loved the seat and the recliner function and this is probably what we used most,” said Laura, mum of a 4-month-old, who also said she’d already recommended the product to a friend. “[my son] must have been comfortable in this as he fell asleep multiple times in the chair function, as we were easily able to change it to lying down without waking him.”

In the words of Rachael, mum of 5: “We have used this product every day since we received it and it's fantastic that we will be able to use it until 36 months. I will definitely be recommending this product to all my mummy friends as it so versatile.”

Buy from: John Lewis, Boots and Very

Bronze – Little Green Sheep Natural Quilted Moses Basket & Mattress, £99.95


Why it’s a winner: Sometimes the classics really are the best, and this is a luxury take on a traditional design that will keep your newborn safe and comfortable. It would make a beautiful gift for parents-to-be. Natasha, mum of a 2-month-old, praised “the quality of the organic cotton and mattress.” She also liked how the basket blended beautifully into a modern home, saying “The colourways of the lining are really beautiful and modern. They would complement a room instead of standing out.” The quilted basket liner is chic and comfortable, while the mattress is firm but breathable.

In the words of Aarti, mum of a newborn: “This Moses basket is beautifully designed, with high quality materials and is very stylish and aesthetically pleasing. It is lightweight which meant it was easy for me to carry around the house and required minimal to no set-up which was a bonus.”

Buy from: Amazon, Scandiborn and Little Green Sheep

Baby and child mattresses

Key features we tested/judged ­– Quality of product, effectiveness, breathability, comfort and firmness and worth the money.

Gold – ClevaFoam Pocket Sprung Mattress, £167.32

Gold- ClevaFoam Pocket Sprung Mattress
The mattress supports my baby well and has brilliant features.
– Gina, mum of 3

Why it’s a winner: Packed with features such as the ability to disperse body heat and maintain a healthy temperature, plus ClevaFoam technology to help support your child, this mattress was a firm favourite with our home testers. Gina, mum of 3, commented: “I like that it supports their whole body and will regulate their temperature to prevent overheating. I also feel that the price is fair considering the comfort and the 3 year guarantee it comes with.” It’s also hypo-allergenic, PH-balanced and infused with anti-fungal and anti-mite treatments, making it an excellent choice for children with allergies.

In the words of tester Laura, mum of a 9-month-old: “This mattress has definitely improved the quality of my baby’s sleep, she now sleeps through without crying out. Baby mattresses are often very hard and uncomfortable, but I would happily sleep on this if it were big enough!”

Buy from: Amazon, Bella Baby and ClevaMama

Silver – Silentnight Kids Comfort+ 600 Natural Mattress, £249

Silver- Silentnight Kids Comfort+ 600 Natural Mattress

Why it’s a winner: Taking your child from their first single bed to early teens, this Silentnight pocket sprung mattress is designed to adapt to your child’s shape as they grow. Jenny, mum of an 8-year-old, commented: “The fact that it is foam and chemical free, as well as hypoallergenic are major plus points for me.” Although more expensive than the other mattresses tested, our mums felt that it was a worthwhile investment, with one saying: “Given that this will last my child for years to come I think it is definitely with the money - sleep is so important I would happily spend this amount.”

In the words of tester Danielle, mum of 2: “This feels like a luxury mattress for kids, it’s so soft and inviting. It feels like it will last for years, even though this is pricier than a basic mattress it feels so much better than a cheap one – you get what you pay for.”

Buy from: Argos, Habitat and Silentnight

Bronze – Silentnight Kids Comfort+ Eco Mattress, £199

Silver- Silentnight Kids Comfort+ 600 Natural Mattress

Why it’s a winner: This mattress’s green credentials makes it stand out from the crowd – the unique EcoComfort Fibre layer is made from recycled plastic bottles which have been blended into a super soft fibre, plus it is fully recyclable at the end of its life – a great choice for eco-conscious parents. The cloud design was considered “very pleasing to the eye” by Janet, mum of 2, while Candice, mum of a 9-year-old, commented, “I was worried it would make it too bumpy for my son, but he says it’s like it’s hugging him at night.”

In the words of tester Janet, mum of 2: “I was immediately impressed by the quality of this mattress. It’s great to know that it’s recycled, yet still feels very soft and smooth. I could see that it was good quality and have no concerns about it lasting.”

Buy from: Argos, Amazon and Silentnight

sleep products

Baby Monitors

Key features we tested/judged: Ease of use/setup, quality of display, extra features, worth the money and effectiveness.

Gold Joint – VTech Smart Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor, £159.99

VTech Smart Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor
From its large display to the motion tracking and Wifi capabilities, this monitor does it all.
– Gemma, MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor

Why it’s a winner: This monitor packs a punch with its high definition video, 360° panoramic viewing and tilting capabilities, as well as a recording function set for motion detection. Cathryn, mum of 3, said, “The enhanced night vision is excellent, not blurred and doesn’t have a delay like some others.” Smart technology allows you to view your little one on the 5-inch colour LCD screen or use WiFi to view them on your phone or tablet, with one massive perk being that the app has no yearly fees so it’s completely free to download and use straight from the box.

In the words of tester Cathryn, mum of 3: “It is worth the money with how well it looks and works. The sound is clear, it picks up even the quiet noises that she makes. The sturdy wall mount for the camera to use in awkward corners of the room is fantastic and keeps it away from tiny, inquisitive hands too.”

Buy from: Argos and Uber Kids

Joint Gold – Tommee Tippee Dreamee Sound, Motion and Video Baby Monitor, £219.99

Gold- Dreamee Sound, Motion and Video Baby Monitor
The quality and picture on the monitor is fantastic, the range and sound is so good.
– Kim, mum of 7

Why it’s a winner: With a 360° smart camera, high definition colour monitor, 300m range, motion tracking and movement sensor mat this monitor has it all. Tester Kim, mum of 7, was impressed with some of the key functions, commenting: “I absolutely love the movement function, my baby is still quite small and doesn’t move much, but a parent with an active baby can move the camera to wherever they may wander…the sensitivity on the mat is really good too.” The CrySensor is another excellent feature that listens out for your baby’s cry and automatically plays your choice of lullaby or even your own music from a SD card to soothe them back to sleep.

In the words of tester Emma, mum of a 9-month-old: “High tech, yet simple in design. I think it’s worth the price for peace of mind and the quality of the product – I will still be using this when my little one is a toddler to keep an eye on her when she is playing or sleeping.”

Buy from: Argos, Very and Tommee Tippee

Silver – Owlet Monitor Duo, £389

Silver- Owlet Monitor Duo

Why it’s a winner: Our testers felt that this was a great buy for anxious parents, as the little sock monitors heart rate and oxygen levels and will alert you of any changes. Amy, mum of 1 commented: “The data the sock provides about waking, quality and length of sleep is really helping me to predict my days.” Natasha, mum of 3, added, “this has really changed sleep time for me, knowing I feel much more relaxed and less on edge.” Being able to see their babies via a secure connection to their phone was a major plus point for our testers, but a handheld monitor or the ability to keep a smaller viewing screen open on the phone would make a welcome addition suggested one impressed judge.

In the words of tester Amy, mum of a 4-month-old: “The smart sock has provided amazing information about the sleep of my little one, reassuring me of her safety and even helping predict her mood based on the quality of her sleep – I have been able to create a nap schedule which has made us both happier!”

Buy from: Amazon, Natural Baby Shower and Owlet

Bronze – Babymoov YOO Travel Wireless Video Monitor, £139.99

Bronze- Babymoov YOO Travel Wireless Video Monitor

Why it’s a winner: The wireless capabilities made this monitor stand out from the crowd, offering parents flexibility to keep a watchful eye without restrictions. “It’s wireless which is handy when out and about…but you need to make sure you are putting it on charge between uses,” said tester Chemica, mum of 3 (a long-life lithium battery provides an ample 8 hours of usage). Our testers were impressed with the monitor’s daytime picture and felt the night vision was good enough for most situations, but did note that this is designed for travel, not full-time home use. The zoom, voice-activated function and the ability to connect up to 4 cameras were key highlights of this robust piece of kit, and testers also loved the handy belt clip on the parent monitor.

In the words of tester Rosanna, mum of a 7-month-old: “This is an excellent monitor for the family on the go or as a back-up in the home. The entirely wireless travel element to the camera is a big plus point, making it easy to set up and you aren’t restricted to plug sockets.”

Buy from: John Lewis, Boots and Babymoov

Shortlisted: Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor, £299

Night-time comforter / sleep aid

Key features we tested/judged ­– Quality of product, key features, effectiveness and worth the money.

Gold – Lulla Owl by RoRo, £39.99

Gold- Lulla Owl by RoRo
After 5 minutes or less my son has been soothed back to sleep! I genuinely cannot praise this little owl enough!
– Sarah, mum of a 9-month-old

Why it’s a winner: Many baby sleep aids have automatic shut-offs at around 20 minutes, but this magical little owl can play its soothing heartbeat and breathing sounds for up to 24 hours. It’s also designed to be as simple as possible for use with small babies, with no plush filling and a design that’s more like a comforter than a cuddly toy. Our testers found it contributed to a marked difference in their child’s sleep, but they recommended introducing it early for the best results. It proves that sometimes simple is best.

In the words of tester Sarah, mum of a 9-month-old: “From the first night using the LullaOwl my baby has slept the best he's ever slept. I can't believe the difference! I have used other brands that have the soft lights and white noise to no avail, but the breathing and heartbeat noises from the LullaOwl have worked wonders!”

The LullaOwl will be arriving in the UK soon.

Silver – Ewan Deluxe with Shush, £39.99

Silver- ewan Deluxe with Shush

Why it’s a winner: With a “shush” sound designed to mimic a parent’s voice, plus other popular soothing sounds like a vacuum cleaner and rainfall, Ewan is designed to respond to your child’s cries with his SmartCRY sensor, soothing them before they full wake. The red glow he emits from his tummy, which our testers said their children loved, is designed to help sleep, rather than hinder it. Testers loved that his cute design means he works just as well as a daytime comforter as a night-time sleep aid, which helps when it comes to value for money.

In the words of Lauren, mum of 6 : ”The material is amazingly soft, not only does my baby love to cuddle him but my nearly 3-year-old loves to have him close to his face. It is most definitely fit for purpose and very stylish.”

Buy from: Amazon and Sweet Dreamers

Bronze – Zed, £29.99

Bronze- Zed

Why it’s a winner: If you have a motion junkie baby who always naps better in the car, Zed may be exactly what you’re looking for. Launched during the first lockdown when car rides suddenly became less frequent, Zed has 6 levels of vibration designed to bring the feeling of sleeping in the car into the crib. When placed at the foot of the mattress it will gently vibrate and emit gentle soothing sounds. Our testers loved how easy it is to use, and complimented the cute robot design, plus they loved the addition of a red nightlight to help encourage deep sleep.

In the words of tester Daniele, mum of 2: “Overall, Zed is a robust; portable, discreet and versatile sleep aid for babies that respond well to motion. There are a vast amount of combinations with regard to light/vibration and he is so easy to use - out of the box and go! What is not to like?”

Buy from: Amazon, Baby Planet and RockitRocker

Shortlisted: Children’s Weighted Blankets by The Little Blanket Shop | Babybamba Comforter | Infantino 3-in-1 Projector Musical Mobile

Baby & toddler sleeptime product

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, usefulness, innovation, quality of product and worth the money.

Gold – Daydreamer Blinds Temporary Blackout Blind Twin Pack, £28.50

Gold- Daydreamer Blinds - Temporary Blackout Blind - Twin Pack
Excellent product, extremely well made and very useful. I will definitely be recommending it to all my friends
– Becki, mum of 3

Why it’s a winner: This nursery essential proved a firm favourite with our home testers, improving daytime nap times by doing exactly what it says on the tin. Abi, mum of 3 said: “It has helped my baby to nap in the day when he otherwise wouldn’t due to sunlight.” The use of Velcro to fix the blinds in place made it quick and easy to set up and testers preferred this to similar versions with plastic suckers. “The Velcro has held the blinds up without a flicker of movement for around a month so far,” said Becki, mum of 3. Supplied as 2 separate blackout blinds that can be joined together, this is practical and adaptable product for a very good price.

In the words of tester Abi, mum of 3: “The thing I loved most was how easy it was to put up the blinds. The quality of the material is good and fully blocks the light out – fabulous product, fabulous design.”

Buy from: Amazon and DayDreamer Blinds

Silver – Ara and Obi Bamboo Fitted Cot Bed Sheet in White, £25

Ara and Obi bamboo fitted cotbed sheet silver Awards 2021

Why it’s a winner: The Ara and Obi fitted sheet boasts a 300 thread count and is made from 100% bamboo, creating a soft sleep environment for your baby. Our home testers loved the quality of the bamboo and felt that it was worth the money, despite the higher price tag. Tester Gina, mum of 3, explained: “While testing we discovered my son has sensitive skin and we really noticed a difference with this on his cot.” The parents testing noticed how well it fitted the mattress, as well as maintaining its quality when washed at 30°C.

In the words of tester Laura, mum of a 9-month-old: “This is certainly a luxurious sheet – silky without being sweaty, soft and breathable. My daughter has eczema so it’s great that its hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. I am very tempted to buy a second!”

Buy from: Ara & Obi

Joint Bronze – ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle, from £23.99

Bronze- ErgoPouch Cocoon Swaddle

Why it’s a winner: Our home testers loved how the ErgoPouch swaddle kept their babies snug and content. Claire, mum of 2, said “from the first time trying the swaddle sleeping bag my son instantly fell asleep and was settled for longer periods.” The soft, breathable organic cotton and bamboo is gentle on newborn skin, while the arm poppers makes transitioning from arms-in to arms-out sleeping bags a breeze. One tester did point out the washing instructions require a separate cold wash: natural fibres like this do need to be cared for gently, but this is the case for most sleeping bags and bedding for babies.

In the words of tester Georgina, mum of 2: “This swaddle has made night time feeds so much easier - it keeps my baby asleep on transfer and since using it she has even started doing longer stints at night too! This definitely makes it worth the money!”

Buy from: Uber Kids, Natural Baby Shower and ErgoPouch

Joint Bronze – Rockit, Zed, £29.99

Bronze- Zed

Why it’s a winner: Also a winner in the night-time comforter/sleep aid category, the Zed sleeping aid could be a game changer for you if your child loves sleeping in the car. It uses car-like motions to ripple through the mattress using 6 calming vibration modes. Tester Laura, mum of 2, commented: “The day this arrived my son was cranky with generally poor sleep following his jabs and a sleep regression, I put this in his Moses basket and he slept for 90 minutes - first time ever!” Durable and easy to use, the gentle night light has proved handy for our testers during night feeds too.

In the words of tester Daniele, mum of 2: “Overall Zed is a perfectly sturdy, portable and classy little sleep aid that is ever so versatile. If Zed works for you and your baby responds to motion, he is worth his weight in gold!”

Buy from: Amazon, BabyPlanet and Rockit

Shortlisted: Timekeeper Connected Sleep Trainer Clock | The Shnuggle Moonlight

Baby & child sleepwear

Key features we tested/judged: Ease of use, quality of product, worth the money, extra features / design details, comfort for baby, fabric choice and effectiveness.

Gold – Purflo Baby Sleep Bag, £39

Gold- Purflo Baby Sleep Bag
I was blown away by how much of a hit it was…my baby looks so cosy and has been sleeping through the night!
– Donna, mum of 2

Why it’s a winner: This sleeping bag went down a treat with our testers who unanimously said they will be buying more! Removable sleeves truly make this a sleeping bag for all seasons, while the 2-way zip was a favourite feature too, as Isidora, mum of 3, explained: “The zip can open from the top and bottom making night time nappy changes quick and easy, allowing my baby to continue his sleep.” Another plus point was the smart travel opening which allows for a 3 or 5-point harness to be threaded through, so babies can stay snug in their car seat or pram. Tor all these reasons and more this is a product that’s worth the money.

In the words of tester Isidora, mum of 3: “With the hypoallergenic fabric, breathable panels, removable sleeves and the ability to strap the baby in the car seat while wearing the bag – I cannot think of anything more to ask!”

Buy from: Kiddies Kingdom, Pramworld and Purflo

Joint Silver – Purflo Swaddle to Sleep Bag, £26

Silver- Purflo Swaddle to Sleep Bag

Why it’s a winner: Purflo came up trumps again with its Swaddle to Sleep bag. For use from birth to 4 months, this product takes the hassle out of swaddling, but also allows your baby to keep their arms out as they get older. Siobhan, mum of a 1-month-old and a toddler, commented: “My baby enjoys being swaddled and this was much easier than doing it myself.” Breathable panels offer parents reassurance that babies are kept at a safe temperature, while the long zip makes nappy changing a breeze. Our testers also felt the price was similar to others on the market and that “the quality does reflect the price”.

In the words of tester Leonie, mum of a newborn and a 2-year-old: “It’s a really well made product that I have found useful and would advise other new mums to buy. Zips are good quality and are easy to use without sticking and, despite numerous washes, the fabric still looks like new.”

Buy from: Jojo Maman Bebe, Pramworld and Purflo

Joint Silver – Tommee Tippee, The Original Grobag Range, from £32

Silver- The Original Grobag Range

Why it’s a winner: The quality and feel of the fabric of this sleep bag definitely won over our home testers, with Beki, mum of an 8-month-old, saying: “The quality is superb, I can’t tell you how nice the fabric feels!” Babies have plenty of space to move and grow, and the 2-way zip allows for easy access for night time nappy changes. Our testers tried the 2.5 tog Grobag, but the range is available in a plethora of prints, and various tog ratings to suit all temperatures, including some very lightweight ones for heatwaves.

In the words of tester Sinead, mum of a 1-year-old: “The fabric feels so soft and light and, yet, the tog rating is 2.5 so you know your baby will be kept warm on colder nights. A gorgeous sleep bag that I would definitely recommend!”

Buy from: John Lewis, Asda and Tommee Tippee

Joint Bronze – Silentnight Safe Night’s Baby Sleep Bag, £19

Bronze- Silentnight Safe Night's Baby Sleep Bag

Why it’s a winner: Testers were impressed with this reliable sleep brand’s sleeping bag, noting its lightweight feel and how soft the fabric was. It has a 100% cotton jersey cover and the product is produced in OEKO-TEX® certified factories, which ensures there are no harmful substances in the fabric. Our testers found that it “washed up well” and it was “quick to put my baby in with the zip at the front”. With a lower price point than some of the other products in this category, our testers felt it offered good value for money.

In the words of tester Mollie, mum of 2: “Very nice material, soft and washes well. My baby was warm and comfortable throughout the night and slept well. Worth the price.”

Buy from: Amazon, Wayfair and Silentnight

Joint Bronze – ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag, from £39.99

Bronze- ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag

Why it’s a winner: The ErgoPouch stands apart from other sleep bags with its unique transitional system that converts it from a sleeping bag to a suit with legs. Suitable for use from 2 months to 6 years, the TOG rating, 400 thread count and grip pads for walkers ensure your child is warm and cosy whatever stage they’re at. Our testers agreed that it was “a lovely product” and was “well made with nice features”. It’s expensive, but you get a lot of features for your money and the extended age range is really useful if you have a child who kicks off their covers a lot.

In the words of tester Frankie, mum of 2:“At first I thought it was expensive, but if you look at it as an investment piece that will probably see you through a couple of winters, then it’s worth the price!”

Buy from: ErgoPouch, BuggyBaby and Natural Baby Shower

Shortlisted: Baby Swaddles by Little Seeds | Love To Dream Swaddles

nursery products

Baby bouncer/swing/seat

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, ease of use, quality of product, extras/accessories and worth the money.

Gold – Babybjorn Bouncer Bliss 3D Jersey, £154.99

Gold- BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Bliss 3D Jersey
“My baby loves it! It’s super lightweight, sturdy and gives you the chance to step away to do a much-needed job.”
– Aimee, mum of a 2-month-old.

Why it’s a winner: BabyBjorn’s Bouncer Bliss is a super stylish, lightweight and portable bouncer powered by your baby’s own movements to soothe and entertain them from time time they weigh 8lbs to around 2 years. Our mums loved the design and how easy it was to move about, with Jodie, mum of 2, stating: “It is so lightweight and portable that I am able to take it wherever needed which makes life that little bit easier. Plus the fabric feels super soft which is perfect for my baby.”

In the words of tester Aimee, mum of a 2-month-old: “It’s a great little comfy seat for my baby to sit and play or rest. It couldn’t be easier to set up with one swift movement and has 3 adjustable height settings to suit the age and comfort of your baby.”

Buy from: Amazon, Scandiborn and BabyBjorn

Silver – Kinderkraft Unimo 2020, £84.90

Kinderkraft Unimo 2020

Why it’s a winner: Kinderkraft has packed this product with features to make it your go-to: it’s a cot, cradle, bouncer, rocker and highchair all in one stylish piece. With a 3-point safety harness to keep your child secure, the seat also adjusts to a sitting, reclining or lying position to suit your needs. Tester Lauren, mum of 2, commented: “I 100% wish I had bought this when I had my first baby, it is very space saving and I really like the look of it!” All of our testers loved this product’s design, plus its ability to be folded down to store away was a big plus point.

In the words of tester Alison, mum of a 2-month-old: “It’s a modern and great all-in-one product for a good price. My favourite position was the cradle in lie flat with the rocking feet – it’s super light weight so you can sit and use your finger or foot to keep a steady rock for your baby.”

Buy from: Amazon, Pramworld and Kinderkraft

Bronze – Babymoov Swoon Air, £139.99

babymoov swoon air

Why it’s a winner: Suitable from birth to 12 months, the Swoon Air is a comfortable and practical chair that keeps your baby at a safe and stable height, allowing them to relax or interact with the whole family. Violaine, mum of 2, commented: “It makes life so much easier for someone with back problems, or if you’ve had a c-section.” Our testers liked how easy it was to set up and remove the covers to wash when required. However, they did note that that the product didn’t “bounce” like some in the category: this is a static seat, rather than a bouncer.

In the words of tester Nyasha, mum of 3: “The chair is great for convenience and for easier interaction with my baby and it was lovely to have my son sat at the table with his siblings. It’s also great for those with mobility problems, as the height of the chair makes picking him up and down so much easier.”

Buy from: Natural Baby Shower, Amazon and Babymoov

Nursery accessory

Key features we tested/judged: Effectiveness, design, ease of use, quality of product and worth the money.

Gold – Munchkin & Bear Luxe Play Mat, £94.95

Gold- Munchkin & Bear Luxe Play Mat
It’s like walking on a cloud! I love the designs and it’s easy to clean too.
– Rachel, mum of 3

Why it’s a winner: This stylish reversible play mat scored top marks from our parent testers who couldn’t fault its good looks or its practical appeal, with Rachel, mum of 3, saying: “It provides a super soft surface for my baby to play on and has multiple uses. Plus it’s so stylish that it means I don’t need to put it away once the kids are finished with it!” Everyone agreed that the luxurious play mat was worth the money and considered it an investment that could be used by all. It’s been tested for playtime, changing, rolling practice, and (of course) photo backdrops, and one mum even confessed to using it for yoga too!

In the words of tester Tara, mum of an 8-month-old: “A beautiful, stylish play mat which my baby girl loves – it’s a great material for her to learn to crawl on, looks great and is definitely worth every penny – it’s an investment that will last years!’

Buy from: Munchkin & Bear

Silver – DockATot Deluxe+, £130

Silver- DockATot Deluxe+

Why it’s a winner: Maintaining its position as a firm favourite with parents everywhere, the DockATot boasts a distinctive “nest” design, to encourage babies to lounge, play and bond with parents. “Finding somewhere safe and cosy to put a newborn is easier said than done,” said Gemma, mum of 1, “but my son was happy to hang out and doze in this.” Our testers found it easy to store, and praised the removable cover that can easily be washed and dried. It also comes in its own waterproof bag, so it’s easy to take it with you when visiting friends and family. “Whilst the DockATot seems expensive, I have to say it’s 100% worth it,” said Francesca, mum of twins.

In the words of tester Francesca, mum of twins: “To say it’s made my life easier is an understatement, it’s given me the gift of time! My babies are happier and more settled which is a godsend as I have twins and can generally only comfort one at a time.”

Buy from: JoJo Maman Bebe, Mamas & Papas and DockATot

Joint Bronze – Voksi Baby Nest Premium, £99

Bronze- Voksi Baby Nest Premium

Why it’s a winner: For use from birth to around 7 months, this stylish baby nest is the perfect spot for your baby to rest in a safe and comfortable environment. A breathable 3D mesh mattress to promote great airflow is a key feature that impressed our mum testers, and they really rated the quality of the construction. “It was really solidly-made and the stitching was brilliant. The quality is so good: you can feel and even tell by looking at it.” explained Melissa, mum of 5. Our testers agreed that it was easy to set up and clean, and given the high quality of the materials and finish, “it’s definitely worth the money”.

In the words of tester Francesca, mum of twins: “This baby nest does what it says, it comforts and soothes my baby. It’s easy to transport and clean and, most of all, is perfect as a safe docking station for my baby.”

Buy from: Kiddies Kingdom, Pramworld and Uber Kids

Joint Bronze – Venture Tiny Tales Playpens, from £99.99

Bronze- Venture Tiny Tales Playpens

Why it’s a winner: These colourful, interactive playpens were a big hit with our parents and babies alike. The Tiny Tales range boasts 3 eye-catching designs with fun and exciting activity and door panels, designed to be more engaging. Emma, mum of a 1-year-old explained: “Panels were easy to add in or remove, meaning it will fit any space.” Our testers also felt happy and confident about leaving their kids in the playpens to explore by themselves and felt that given the lifespan of the product, 6-36 months, it’s worth the money.

In the words of tester Maria, mum of a 6-month-old: “The playpen is super effective to create a safe zone where my baby can play with no need to worry. The walls are very sturdy and the floor is super soft, I’m sure it will last ages. I went from a “I don’t really need a playpen” to “I cannot live without a playpen” in a day!”

Buy from: Amazon and Venture


Shortlisted: ErgoPouch Window Blackout Blinds

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