8 baby games tried and tested by mums (and babies!)

Mad mooing and baaing, colander sprinkles and sticky-uppy-heads – these games all entertained MFM babies. Give them a go…


Aeroplane game
“The first time I put Jimmy on his tummy he seemed a bit unsure about it and he squirmed a lot. So, to begin with I tried lying on my back and resting his tummy on my knees while I held onto his hands and made aeroplane sounds. He lifts his head right up now and loves it!”
Alex, 34, mum to Jimmy, 3 months, and Edith, 2


Pop-up sofa
“Harry adores it when I play peek-a-boo with him from behind the sofa. I pop up on one side a few times and then when I stick my head up on the opposite side he thinks it’s hilarious and crawls around to try and find me.”
Deboragh, 27, mum to Harry, 8 months

Slow yoga
“Gabriel suffered from reflux when he was a young baby and cried a lot and I found it hard to engage with him. But baby yoga seemed to help calm his tummy and gave me a chance to relax and tune into his feelings. Now we both look forward to doing it every day.”
Angela, 38, mum to Gabriel, 11 months

Mirror, mirror
“Haydan loves the mirror on his playmat, especially when I get behind him and pull faces. But he also loves to just lie there and kick and pull at the toys – and it gives me a chance to make a quick cup of tea!”
Georgina, 30, mum to Haydan, 5 months

Mousey time
“It feels a bit mean when I keep edging her little squeaky mouse away (to encourage her to roll towards it) but we always have fun afterwards by blowing bubbles around the room. And I know it’s all for her benefit!”
Joanna, 39, mum to Rose, 6 months

Colander collective
“Tom loves it when I get out old bits of plastic kitchen equipment. He’s fascinated by the way the water drips through the colander and Eoin thinks it’s hilarious when Tom tips the jug over his head.”
Sarah, mum to Tom, 10 months, and Eoin, 4

Sheep goes baa
“At 5 months old, I started singing this song, ‘Doggy goes woof woof, cat goes meow meow, cow goes moo moo, sheep goes baa baa.’ By 8 months Premjyot imitated the sounds.”
Mangla Sachdev, 29, from Middlesex, mum to Premjyot, 4, and Ramjyot, 5 months


Watering hair
“Kiri insists we play ‘rain’ every bath time. She fills her watering can and we take turns pouring out the water. It’s really helped with washing her hair, as she now doesn’t mind having ‘rain’ splash on her.”
Sam McKenzie, 29, from Scotland, mum to Kiri, 9 months.

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