Looking for something fun to do with your baby outside, now the weather's warmer? We've got some great, simple ideas here.


But before you start: do note that many of the activities we've chosen are a bit messy (which is why outdoors is the perfect place for them). It also goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that you should never leave your baby on his or her own doing these activities – always stay near and keep a close eye.

1 Bubble power
It’s hard to believe that a bit of washing-up liquid and water could be the most useful parenting device ever. But your baby will love, love, love bubbles blown towards her and up to the sky.

2 Jelly hands
Cook up some jelly and pop it in a small washing up bowl or high-sided tray. Let your baby sink her hands in and enjoy the sensations of feeling the squidginess.

3 Kicking in the wind
It’s simple but so effective. Lay a blanket on the ground, if it’s warm enough, take off trousers or a skirt, so your baby’s legs are as free as possible. And then let your baby kick in the fresh air.

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4 That’s frozen
Again, this needs a warm day, but will give your baby a fantastic nerve-tingling sensation. Freeze some ice or jelly, then crush it up and place it in a bowl or high-sided tray, and let your baby touch and feel it. Watch that first expression, as he feels the icy coldness.

5 Get that spaghetti
Put some cooked spaghetti on a tray, or, if your highchair is light enough, pop the highchair outside, sit her in it and pop the spaghetti on the highchair tray. She’ll love the sensation and will enjoy practising her pincer grip trying to pick it up.

6 Wild water
If it’s a warm day, put a bowl of water on the ground and let your baby splash her hands in the water. Add bubbles for extra fun, or add a couple of bath toys that your baby can play with in the water.

7 Tree-gazing
On a sunny but slightly breezy day, lay your baby on a blanket under some trees. Find a spot where the rustling leaves and swaying branches create shadows across the ground. Your baby will love watching the moving leaves and enjoy the effect of the changing shadows.

8 Rollover game
Spread a rug on the grass and place your baby on his tummy. Pick up one end of the blanket and very gently roll your baby over onto her back. If your baby isn’t rolling yet, this is a great way for him to experience the sensation and help him learn and yearn to do it for himself.


9 Mini beach fun
Fill an old washing up bowl with some play sand. Give your baby plastic spoons, cups and an old strainer or sieve and off he’ll go. Make it more messy by adding some water…