9 amazing baby sleep hacks you need to try now

Tips and tricks from fellow mums and dads for getting your baby to sleep instantly - with reviews and video proof to back them up

baby yawning with eyes closed

Getting your baby to sleep can be a challenge for any new parent. Once you’ve stopped the wailing, getting them to stay asleep is also a battle and a half.


So, what can you do to make it easier? Well, you could just silently scream into your pillow or buy a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to block out the crying (from your partner).

OR you could attempt one of these 9 tried-and-tested hacks for helping your little one off to the land of nod…

1. Sam Faiers’ hairdryer hack

sam faiers baby rosie 5 months

In an episode of itvBe’s The Mummy Diaries, 27-year-old Sam Faiers shared a sleep hack she uses for her 5-month-old baby, Rosie.

When the tot just won’t nod off, Sam pops a hairdryer on the floor – and lets the white noise-esque whooshing sound lull her little one to sleep.

She said in a VT: “My best trick to get Rosie to sleep is like a white noise. And so here I am, in the most beautiful [hotel] suite, trying to get Rosie to sleep with a hairdryer on the floor.

“It sounds so random, but I think there are a lot of mums out there who do the same as me.

“It’s the hairdryer and the air vent in the kitchen! Those two are really good to get your baby to sleep.”

2. Running bath water

The latest hack to go viral involves mum named Lauren Sessions, from Michigan in the US, soothing her wailing nephew with a simple trick she’d used on her own kids: popping them within close hearing distance of some running bath water.

Seconds beside it and *poof* the little one is fast sleep…

3. The 1-minute head stroking technique


This viral hack shows baby falling asleep before our very eyes, all thanks to a simple ‘baby head massage’.

Watch the full video right here

4. Lush’s Sleepy lotion

lush sleepy lotion

Who can forget the furore around this £8 jar of Lush lotion? One mum came out to say it had worked wonders for getting her child to sleep, and others quickly followed suit. It just about sold out instantly, but now it’s back in stock…

(It’s not recommended you put it on babies under 6 months, but you’re totally fine to put it on yourself to let them casually get a whiff of the lavender and other soothing ingredients).

Some of our mums tested Lush’s Sleepy lotion for us – see what they thought

5. The 2-letter word method

Watch dad Daniel Eisenman get his daughter Divina to sleep in a matter of seconds in the video, above, simply by chanting the word ‘om’ in a low, quiet tone.

‘Om’. You know, that word characters say when they’re doing yoga in films, with an elongated ‘mmmmmm’ at the end. Sounds more like ‘ommmmmm‘.

Yep, looks like the ancient Indian word in chant form works a treat. Read the full story here

6. The 40-second tissue trick

Nathan Dailo got a whopping 12M views on this vid… but more importantly, got his tiny baby off to nod-land with a super soft tissue and 40 seconds of his time.

He gently strokes the tissue over his child’s face, and voila. Job done.

Read more about this hack now

7. Darth Vader breathing

Deep, deep breathing (inspired by Star Wars villain Darth Vader) puts this dad’s baby to sleep in 30 seconds…

8. Cheryl’s top tip

cheryl sleep tip

Before welcoming her son Bear, Cheryl offered up her best advice to dad Sir Chris Hoy on BBC’s The One Show.

She revealed she swore by one herbal remedy for a decent night’s sleep – and that it would be good for toddlers, too.

9. The Dummy overload

dummy hack

We’d say this mum’s tip of scattering about 10 dummies nearby might be worth a shot if you’ve got a 6-month-old or older who keeps crying for their soother in the night, keeping them up.

“I found that when she cried at night all she wanted was a dummy then she’d go back off [to sleep],” said Essex mum Laura Gerson to HuffPost UK of her hack.

“I realised that if she had one to hand then she would just find it at night.”

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