Baby star signs

Find out what your baby's star sign means


Every child is different, yet many parents with an interest in astrology recognise that their babies share common characteristics with their star sign.


Determination, stubborness, a happy-go-lucky personality or an interest in how things work – all these traits can be traced back to your child’s position in the zodiac.

Even if you’re not a ‘believer’ it’s still fascinating to learn whether your child fits the general pattern laid out in the stars according to his birth date.

Knowing a bit about how your baby’s nature is likely to develop according to which sign of the zodiac he was born under means you can help nurture his potential by stimulating him in the right way.

That’s why many mums and dads use astrology as a means of getting a sneak preview of what their baby’s nature is likely to be, his strengths and weaknesses and the approach he takes to problems as they arise.

Astrologers generally refer to the cutting of the umbilical cord as time of birth – enabling you to work out your baby’s rising sign as well as his sun sign.

If your baby was born early or late, well adrift of his due date, that makes no difference. His influences apply from the day and time of birth.

The Prima Baby Little Stars book (£6.99, Foulsham) is a great place to start if you are looking for astrological clues to your baby’s character.

It’s a guide to the essence of your baby’s characteristics, for example: how he will cope with strangers, new experiences and situations; going to nursery; mixing with other children; and coping with change.

The book even gives you an insight into the kind of career your little one might be best suited for, and ways to encourage his strengths and cope with his weaknesses.

And if you really want to know what the future holds, check out the section about teenagers: at least you know what you’ve got to look forward to!

Thinking about the general character of your child enables you as a parent to provide the kind of environment that will bring baby forward more quickly, develop his interests and cope with challenges such as the ‘terrible twos’ when they arise.

As the book says, ‘Greater understanding makes you a better mum.’ So, think about your baby’s character and see whether any of the following sounds familiar…

Baby star signs

ARIES BABIES: Quick-witted, dynamic and very much inclined to get their own way. Most enjoy a great deal of fresh air and being anywhere where there is plenty going on. Real toughies who take the knocks of life with a more or less philosophical shrug.

TAURUS BABIES: Generally passive but can be destructive and powerful when they are crossed. Love to be cuddled but may not take kindly to dozens of people staring into the cot and cooing. Have tremendous toughness and may sometimes create a fuss for the sake of it.

GEMINI BABIES: Changeful and inquiring from the word go, but sometimes doubtful and quite difficult to understand. Gemini toddlers are not naughty for the sake of it; they simply want to know what is going on and why. Adapt easily to company – any sort being preferable to none at all.

CANCER BABIES: Toddlers don’t worry much about being noticed and are unlikely to show off as some other children will. Emotions are paramount: if your child is happy, she will tend to remain well. Engage their imagination to get the best out of them in terms of learning.

LEO BABIES: Fearless, naturally powerful, alert and anxious to take in everything that is going on. Every nuance of life has something to teach and Leo is enthusiastic and up for it all. Learn from experience – and that can mean falling down frequently.

VIRGO BABIES: Modest, usually neat and often insecure: need tons of love and reassurance. Always on the alert, absorbing every event and nuance of a situation. Need lots of sleep and can become nervous and bothered if they don’t get it.

LIBRA BABIES: Have a natural sense of justice and hate unfairness of any sort. Love to be cuddled – and not generally fussy about who does the cuddling. Good at entertaining themselves, eager to please.

SCORPIO BABIES: Generally reserved, tenacious and very determined. Loving and sometimes exhibit a very sweet nature. Usually quite adventurous, robust and want to know what makes the world tick

SAGITTARIUS BABIES: High energy levels can mean quite a few sleepless nights. Physical exercise is essential – Sagittarian toddlers love to be on the move. Jolly, bright and easy going with a good sense of humour.

CAPRICORN BABIES: Cautious and prudent, with good powers of concentration. Watch out for a stubborn streak and great determination. Self-motivated, quiet, but adventurous and intrepid.

AQUARIUS BABIES: Love to learn and enjoy having something interesting to look at from the earliest days. Mentally very active and can become overtired if not in a good sleep routine. Sociable, generous and good at concentrating.

PISCES BABIES: Tend to be slightly insecure, even from birth, and demanding of personal attention. Practical, but hate dirt or untidy surroundings, preferring a cultured, quiet environment. Love routine and security and enjoy being at home.


To find out more about your baby’s star sign check out the Prima Baby & Pregnancy Little Stars book (£6.99 Foulsham). To buy it for just £4.99 call 01256 329242 and quote code ‘N90’ or visit and type ‘N90’ in the promotional code box at the checkout.

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