Baby’s room temperature essentials

Why it's important to keep your baby's room the right temperature and how to do so...


Whether your are dressing your baby in winter or caring for your baby in hot weather, a safe room temperature for your baby’s bedtime remains pretty much the same.


And whatever the weather, always put your baby to sleep on her back and be careful not to let her become overheated.

What’s the right temperature?

“Anywhere between 16ºC and 20ºC is a good temperature for your baby, and around 18ºC (65ºF) is ideal,” says Jennifer Ward Head of support and development at The Lullaby Trust. “That’s actually cooler than most people would expect the ideal temperature to be.”

Indeed, babies do not need hot rooms and so all-night heating is rarely necessary. “Use a room thermometer so you can see the exact temperature in the room and keep an eye on it,” says Jennifer.

“Keep checking your baby – feel the skin at the back of her neck, not her (probably much cooler) hands and feet. And you’ll start to learn how to keep her room cool in warm weather, and how many layers she needs to keep her the right temperature in the colder months.”

Extra tips on keeping your baby sleeping safely in hot weather

What our mums tell us…

“If I’m particularly worried about my baby being the correct temp when asleep I pop my hand down top of sleep suit and vest to see how warm his chest feels.I use a Grobag sleeping bag to keep him warm as I can just unzip it if it gets too warm (rather than disturbing him by untucking his blanket, etc). Or I rest a thin cellular blanket over the top of him if it’s too cold,” says Annmarie.

“I use my baby monitor as it tells me the temp and flashes if too low or too high,” says Stacy.

“We use a Gro egg and also the Grobag sleeping bags. You can now get sleepsuits that change colour if your baby is too hot or cold,” says Melanie.

“I use a sleep suit and a very low tog sleeping bag. If the temperature is too low then I add a blanket to raise the temperature. I use the monitor in our bedroom as a baseline guide but we normally go by the good old fashioned hand on her face check,” says dad Brian.

“I use a thermometer and my baby monitor. That way we have a thermometer in any room,” says Stacey.

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