Best post-baby fitness DVDs

Exercise is the best way to get yourself back in shape after you've had your baby.


If you can't face the gym just yet, aren't a member or would simply rather make your first steps towards fitness in the privacy of your own home, an exercise DVD could be the answerr.

But which one to choose? These three come highly recommended...


Best post-baby fitness DVDs

Melinda Nicci’s baby2body Pre and Postnatal Workout DVD, £15.99

The promise: 'This postnatal workout will help you get back into shape and tone all the trouble spots.'

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What’s involved: This well-produced DVD has two 45-minute workouts – one for pregnancy and one for post-birth. It includes a warm-up, cardio-toning and floor exercises so you can do as much or as little as you want.

Best for: Mums who are serious about exercising. The toning exercises with handheld weights are designed to get you back in shape, but Melinda doesn’t let you off lightly!

Mum’s verdict: Hayley Collins, 31, mum to Millie, 2, says: ‘I put on 3st when I was pregnant, so I had a lot to lose afterwards. I did Melinda’s DVD three nights a week and loved the fact that it has lots of different sections, and you don’t need to do them in order – so you can effectively pick and choose how you exercise.

I liked the way Melinda’s floor exercises targeted specific areas, such as the inner and outer thighs, and the instructions are very clear. After eight weeks, I noticed my clothes were feeling looser and my tummy was more toned. It took time, but I lost all my baby weight and I’m now in better shape than I was before.’

Best thing I learnt: 'Exercise can be fun. Before I was pregnant I went to the gym, but that feels a bit daunting now. This DVD was fun, so it didn’t feel like hard work.’


Best post-baby fitness DVDs

Liz Stuart’s Powerpramming Inside Out DVD, £14.99

The promise: 'Liz’s programme will leave you feeling fab on the inside and toned on the outside.'

What’s involved: Devised by Powerpramming founder Liz Stuart, this aerobic workout mixes easy-to-follow cardio routines with lunges and squats to tone the legs, and bicep curls to firm saggy arms.

Liz also shows you how to use your baby as a weight during the resistance exercises, which makes for entertaining viewing!

Best for: Mums who love aerobics and toning exercises and want to exercise when their baby is awake.

Mum’s verdict: Lisa Base, 36, mum to Sonny, 9 months, says: ‘When I had Sonny I thought, “How on earth am I going to fit in time to exercise?” I started doing Liz’s Powerpramming class in a local park once a week when he was 8 weeks old and loved it. I wanted to do more exercise but didn’t have the time to go to the gym, so this DVD was perfect.

I knew Liz’s exercises were safe and it’s a really good workout. I like the way it alternates between the aerobic and resistance work, so you don’t get too tired. The floorwork is good too.'

Best thing I learnt: 'Hold in your tummy at all times, especially when pushing the pram. It can make a big difference to your posture and works your tummy at the same time.'

Powerpramming classes are currently available in South London, Surrey and Essex.


Best post-baby fitness DVDs

Pilates for Pregnancy with Lynne Robinson DVD, £12.95

The promise: 'Helps you get back into shape more quickly after the birth'

What’s involved: This DVD includes a 40-minute Pilates workout designed specifically for pregnancy, from 16 weeks onwards and from six weeks after the birth, plus a 10-minute extra postnatal workout.

Best for: Mums who want to work on posture, inner core muscles, improve flexibility and muscle tone.

Mum’s verdict: Martha Waugh, 30, mum to Sylvia, 1, says: ‘I found this DVD great for getting my pelvic floor muscles back in gear, working my stomach and toning up all over. It’s so easy to follow and great to fit in around your day – I did it when Sylvia was having a daytime nap.

I particularly liked the focus on posture and inner core, which helped me feel fit and strong. I haven’t lost all the baby weight yet, but I’m getting there and I do feel more like my old self.’


Best thing I learnt: 'How to do pelvic floor exercises correctly. To be honest, before I tried the DVD I didn’t have a clue how to do them, so I’m sure I wasn’t working the muscles properly. Lynne explains everything so clearly on the DVD that it was so easy to follow.'