Dogs are a baby’s best friend

Having a family pet could improve your child's health


A new study has found that families with pet dogs have healthier babies! 


Researchers form Kuopio University Hospital in Finland have revealed that under-ones who live with dogs have less breathing problems than babies who live in fur-free homes. The babies of dog-friendly families also suffer from fewer coughs, sniffles, ear infections and runny noses – and are less likely to need antibiotics. 

The study, which followed 397 babies during their first year of life, found that babies with no dog contact were healthy for 65% of the year, while babies who lived with a dog were healthy for between 72-76% of the time. These babies were also 44% less likely to get ear infections and 29% less likely to need antibiotics. 

The study’s findings back up previous research which has suggested that exposure to certain amounts of dirt and pets actually helps babies’ immune systems and lowers their risk of developing allergies! 

Cat fans need not worry either – exposure to furry felines could also be good for your little one’s health, just to a lesser extent. 


What do you think? Do you think your pet effects your family’s health?

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