Eczema treatments for children

One in five children in the UK suffers from eczema at some point. Here are some treatments that may help.


Eczema treatments for children

One in five children in the UK suffers from eczema at some point. It often develops during babyhood and many children find symptoms clear up while they are still young.


But if your baby or toddler is an eczema sufferer, the thought of future relief is little consolation. What you want is a way of clearing up eczema outbreaks NOW.

Unfortunately, what works for one child does not work for another.

Some mums find that steering clear of dairy products helps, others find that sugar intake is a trigger factor in their child’s eczema. Sometimes the weather can make it better – or worse.

Official NICE guidelines state that children with atopic eczema should have unperfumed emollients applied every day, whether their skin is inflamed or not.

Emollients are simple, non-cosmetic moisturisers that soothe and help relieve itchy dry skin. Keeping your child’s skin moisturised will help ease the dry flakiness that characterises typical eczema outbreaks and discourage scratching. 

Click through for some suggestions of skin-friendly products that might help your child’s eczema. 


Eczema treatments for children

E45 is the UK’s No1 selling brand for dry skin conditions and offers a range of products to help treat eczema.

All products from E45 are perfume- and colourant-free and can be used daily.

Look out for the following child and baby products:

  • E45 Junior Moisturising Mousse
  • E45 Junior Hand & Body Wash
  • E45 Junior Moisturising Cream
  • E45 Junior Foaming Bath Milk

Eczema treatments for children

Avène TriXera Emollient Cream is a fragrance-free, paraben formula designed to nourish and sooth even the driest of skins and is suitable for use on babies and children.

It contains 50% Avène Thermal Spring Water that works to reduce irritation while softening the skin.

TriXera’s rich, gentle texture makes it easy to apply without stretching or pulling the skin and helps restore suppleness and elasticity.


Eczema treatments for children

Skin Shop’s new Cotton & Silk skincare range containing two naturally derived ingredients, a silk protein and an oil extract taken from cotton seeds, has been specifically formulated for use on babies prone to eczema and dry skin.

The silk protein, silk sericin, helps reduce trans-epidermal water loss and improve skin smoothness in eczema-prone or very dry skin.

Cotton Seed Oil is rich in omega fatty acids, in particular Palmitic, Oleic and Linoleic acids, which are crucial fatty acids present in healthy skin. Research shows that a deficiency is Linoleic acid and the elements it forms in the skin are directly linked to dry skin and eczema in children.

The Cotton & Silk skincare range has been rigorously tested by a dermatologist in Germany for safe use on babies. It is free from parabens, lanolin, artificial perfumes, irritating emulsifiers and other unnecessary synthetic ingredients.

The Skin Shop range includes a daily moisturising lotion, a body & hair wash and a soothing skin balm. members can claim a 10% discount on the Cotton & Silk skincare range direct from (Tel: 0871 871 9975) by quoting the discount code BE01 when ordering either online or over the phone.


Eczema treatments for children

Organic Skin salvation from Pure Potions is a 100% natural way to treat eczema, without the use of steroids or chemicals.

Pure Potions salve is suitable for babies and children suffering from all types of eczema, psoriosis and sore skin conditions and can be applied liberally to any part of the body, including the face, as often as needed.

Ingredients include: nettle to reduce heat; calendula for tissue regeneration ; chickweed to calm itching; camomile to soothe; olive oil which is anti-bacterial, calming and nourishing; Safflower oil for sensitive skin; nourishing hemp oil; and beeswax, a natural emulsifier.


Visit Born Direct to buy. 

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