Finger foods for your baby

First finger foods for baby that even a solitary tooth can cope with


Nutritionist Caroline Bunker advises: Finger foods are important once weaning is under way, as they’ll help your daughter start to learn how to feed herself.


They don’t all have to be soft, either. Babies don’t need teeth for chewing – those hard little gums can work very well – so it’s fine to give some finger foods to gnaw on.

Ideal first finger foods include sticks or chunks of peeled raw fruit and vegetables such as carrot, apple or pear, crusts of brea, toast fingers, rice cakes or pitta bread, cubes of cheese, or cooked pasta shapes.

Try to avoid sugary foods like biscuits and rusks because they may encourage a sweet tooth.


And remember, finger foods aren’t just for chewing practice – they’re to suck, squish and wave around, so don’t discourage your baby from enjoying these things, even if she maks a mess doing it. 

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