First year baby development

a month-by-month breakdown of ALL the things your baby learns during their first year.


During the first year of your newborn’s life they are learning more and more skills as each month passes. Here’s a whistle-stop round up of their first year.


From Birth your baby will sit still when he hears you, become alert, stop moving and listen to you…

1 Month. Your baby now recognises you and knows who you are. They will express their delight by kicking around and waving their arms and legs. You may even get a smile!

2 Months. Your baby is fascinated by moving objects now that they can control their head to move from side-to-side and can follow things with their eyes.

3 Months. Your baby now finds their own body fascinating as they begin to understand that they can make it move.

4 Months. Your baby loves feeding and will show their appreciation by patting your breast or their bottle when you feed them.

5 Months. Your baby spends a lot of time looking at things that they can hold in their hands as they are learning to concentrate.

6 Months. Although not recognising themselves yet, your baby will smile at their reflection in a mirror!

7 Months. Phrases that you use as part of a routine, like ‘time for bed’, can now be understood by your baby.

8 Months. Your baby’s character is developing quickly and, as they become more determined, they may become frustrated when they are unable to satisfy their own needs- if they can’t reach a toy they want for example.

9 Months. Your baby will know that his feet are for socks and shoes, and may hold them out when you try to put them on them. They may also wave at you when you say ‘bye’.

10 Months. Your baby can now recognise their favourite toys and will stroke them softly.

11 Months. Your baby will enjoy playing games of opposites with hot and cold sensations, rough and smooth fabrics or big and little toys, especially if you act them out for them.


1 Year. Your baby can now nod or shake their head in answer to questions you ask them, ‘Do you want a drink?’, for example.

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