How do I top & tail?

Follow our simple step-by-step guide to topping and tailing your baby

Step-by-step guide to topping and tailing your baby

What is topping and tailing?

Your baby doesn’t need to be fully bathed every day, but you do need to make sure her ‘top’ and ‘tail’ are clean. This means cleaning her face, head, hands and bottom.


What do I need?

*Changing mat or something to lie your baby on
*Clean nappy
*Bowl of cooled, boiled water
*Cotton wool or a soft, clean cloth
*Soft, dry towel

Step 1

Place your baby on her back on the changing mat. Moisten a piece of cotton wool or cloth in the cooled, boiled water, then wipe her eye, from the inside corner outward. Repeat on her other eye using a new piece of cotton wool.

Step 2

Using a fresh piece of moistened cotton wool for each ear, wipe over and behind her ears.

Step 3

Wipe her face, chin and neck with another fresh, moistened piece of cotton wool. Use the towel to pat her dry, making sure you dry between any creases of her skin.

Step 4

Wipe her hands with moistened cotton wool, then dry them.


Step 5

Change her nappy and, once the messiest bit is wiped away, use damp cotton wool to clean her bottom, making sure you wipe from front to back only so as not to let bacteria from the anus get into the vagina or urethra. Pat her dry, making sure you dry any creases of her skin.

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