We've spotted a worrying new trend for knotted cot bumpers, with colourful examples for sale on a number of online sites including Amazon and Etsy.


Whilst they may look like a cute decoration, these braided bumpers are not safe to use in your baby's cot - it's the same advice that covers traditional cot bumpers.

With knotted (or flannel as they're also called) cot bumpers, the spaces in-between the knots could trap your baby's hand or foot if they move around in their sleep, increasing the risk of accidents or suffocation.

You also can't ensure what safety tests have been carried out when buying handmade items for your baby's nursery.

When it comes to safe sleeping, your little one's cot should be kept clear of any additional items like these bumpers and also loose blankets or even cuddly toys.


Safety Warning

The Lullaby Trust, the UK's leading charity for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), advises against using cot bumpers as they can pose a risk to your baby as they move about in their sleep.

It's seen a number of cases where babies have become entangled in the material or fallen from pulling themselves up on the bumpers.

"We advise parents that their baby’s sleeping space is kept as clear as possible, with no cot bumpers, pillows, duvets, soft bedding or soft toys," says Jenny Ward, CEO of the The Lullaby Trust.

"Unnecessary items in a cot can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) if a baby’s head becomes covered. Cot bumpers also increase the risk of accidents as babies can become entangled in the ties or material."


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