"It's hard and plays on your emotions hearing your little one crying, but you have to be strong. My daughter is really good now but went through a stage of crying before bedtime and cried even more as I tried to put her down. I found in order to settle her making sure she's as comfortable as possible (clean bottom, bathed, tucked into bed) and being gentle when laying her down was key."


"To stop the colic tears, I found putting my son in an upright positon when you're feeding him and winding regularly during and after the feed helped. Also winding with baby's head rested on your shoulder helps to bring relief to the discomfort caused by trapped wind."

"I would have tried anything to help my daughter get more comfy as she used to scream for hours in pain. I know how hard and heartbreaking it is to hear them cry in pain for hours and it'a about finding what works for you. Baby sit up's, lying flat then bringing her up striaght again, got things moving and helped my little one settle."

"There's not much I can recommend product wise really - as I tried everything to try and stop the tears - but in the end I just had to wait it out. It's a phase that will pass but be warned that it doesn't 'magically' disappear after a week or two. Try not to focus on your friend's little ones either who may have passed this phase more quickly than yours."

"Massaging a colicky baby really makes a difference and they're classes available for parents to learn the basics. With my little one I made small circles around her tummy button in a clockwise direction or rubbed in a 'U' shape, starting on the left side, to give her relief."

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"I tried lots of things with Lily and although they didn't cure her, they sometimes eased the symptoms. Doing the hoovering, bouncing her in a swing or giving her a soothing bath seemed to help. I know at the time it feels like it'll last a lifetime but I promise you it doesn't last forever!"

"The midwife told me it really helps to get your baby to burp when colic strikes, so thought I'd share my trick. Sit your little one on your knee upright, circle him three times to the right, three times to the left, rock him back and forth three times, and then try to burp him. It always caused Caleb to burb and I would see an instant improvement after."

"I can really sympathise with other mums going through this as both my little ones suffered. My daughter was permanently in her baby carrier as it was the only thing that brought her comfort and my eight week old son only settles when I lay him on his tummy, across my knees, and firmly pat his back."

"My son suffers with colic and would just spend the whole night crying in pain. A friend recommended Cranial Ostepopathy and I've never looked back. Each session costs £45, lasts around 90 minutes and before they treat your little one they ask lots of questions about the birht and current sleep routine. Right from the first session he seemed a different baby, sleeping throught the night with ease. Now, I know this could be a fluke, but I thought I would share my experience in case anyone is thinking of doing it, especially if you feel like you feel like you've run out of other options."