Here at MFM HQ, we admit we all do a double take when we see twins - or even near-age siblings - dressed the same.


But our reactions are different.

"I think it's sooooo cute!" said a team member, and mum of one, after seeing twin girls in matching clothing as she was on her way to work.

But another (a mum of twins herself) admits that dressing your twins or siblings the same is a major bug bear of hers.

She told us she wouldn't dream of doing that, or buying her twin boys ANY of the same clothes, even if they wore them at different times.

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She even says she felt bad that she allocated each twin a colour range - blues for one, reds for the other.

So differing were our opinions on this topic, in fact, we decided ask our mums what they thought about the whole dressing twins and siblings alike - and it seems LOTS of you do it and think it's great.

But of course, there are plenty of you don't agree...

Those who do...

"I have identical twin girls and of course I dress them the same! Why wouldn't I?! One day they will choose not to dress the same as each other so until they make that choice I will do what I want," says Anne I.

Nichola H agrees: "I dress my nearly 3 year old and 15 month old girls the same as often as I can."

As does Clare P: "I have two girls and often like clothes and can't decide who gets what so I get the same in each size lol."

And Samantha J said she never planned to do it - but her older child rather likes it:

"I always said no but I did coz my older son loves it when his little brother has the same on as him.

"Anything to keep him happy."


Those who don't...

"I don't like mine the same," says Gemma B. "Coordinating yes but not the same.

"They do have some matching bits and they sometimes put them on together to spite me because they know I hate it."

And Sarah-Louise W was a definite 'no': "Massive pet peeve of mine, I have a 3-week-old and 3-year-old: not 1 outfit matches nor will they ever."

Nadai B agreed: "Each baby/child has his own personality and how they are dressed is part of it. Each one should be unique."

What do you think?

Do you dress your twins or siblings alike? Or do you take care to make sure they each look totally different? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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